How to remove a Hickey on your neck quickly?

A Hickey is a bruise that forms on the skin. In appearance it resembles an ordinary bruise, but bought a slightly different way. Not all pleased with this manifestation on the body, which is why many people wonder how to remove a Hickey again to regain beautiful and healthy skin?

how to remove a Hickey

There are many different ways to get rid of hickeys. Of course, the fastest option is closed the clothes which can easily and quickly hide the formation on the skin. But this option is ineffective and impractical because hickeys are usually present in the body for up to one week, so go in private clothes in the summer is not very comfortable. A Hickey remain on thin tissue, and there is more visible. A Hickey leave loved ones because we trust them only such parts of the body like neck or chest. Not to create a big tragedy, not to blame the loved one, it is necessary to know how to get rid of a Hickey. There are ways to:

  • Temporary masking of a Hickey.
  • The use of drugs.
  • Creams and ointments against hickeys.
  • Folk remedies.

How to get rid of a Hickey on your neck?

The neck is one of the most delicate areas on the human body, which is characterized by a rather thin and delicate fabrics, they maybe damaged very easily. Simply click her fingers, and in that place is redness. The appearance of hickeys on the neck restricts girls to use open neckline, they have to include to your wardrobe this accessory, like a scarf or shawl, which is also not always convenient and appropriate. In any case, you can complement your look and not look suspicious in the eyes of others, but wearing scarves or any other cloth on the neck in the summer is extremely uncomfortable.

A Hickey on the neck

To get rid of hickeys on the neck, it is necessary to use medical or folk remedies, which in a short period of time will definitely give you the desired result. From the problem you should remove immediately, do not need another week to close one’s eyes passionately, trying to hide it with certain accessories. All of these options are temporary and ineffective. Use creams and oils. Consult with specialists, they will tell you what you can get rid of any kind of a Hickey.

How to remove a Hickey on your chest?

At a woman’s Breasts the appearance of hickeys is quite frequent. We all know that the upper chest, and neck, characterized by a delicate tissue, damage very easily. If you have scheduled an urgent appointment that you just can’t go with that neckline, then once suitable dress and beautiful decoration on the neck, which can hide the lack. But if you want to bring a Hickey fast, you should go to medicine. Purchase any remedy for hickeys, which contains vitamin K. As an example, you can select a remedy by the Caffeine.


The product is a cosmetic tool that helps you quickly get rid of a Hickey. If necessary, you will be able to disguise the Hickey with concealer. It is very important to distribute it across the neck to tone the body and face in no way different. Also remember, if you choose white dress, with Foundation, you need to be extremely careful.

Medications from hickeys

The most effective options are certainly medication. You can buy them at any pharmacy or medical institution, in consultation with a specialist. The most effective and popular drugs are:

  • Lioton.
  • Cream concoctions.
  • Troxevasin.
  • Heparin ointment.
  • «Bruise-off».
  • «Express-bruise».

As we can see, almost all of the medicines origin aimed at getting rid of hickeys and bruises. Method of application all internal and external. Simply distribute the ointment or cream to the area of the Hickey and wait a few days. Applying a drug on the body, damage is significantly reduced by improving the blood circulation in the tissues, the update of the blood vessels and improve metabolism. If you are not sure which drug to prefer, use heparin ointment, with it you will not regret it. But we must remember that it is applied only to the areas of the neck, where statistics and found a greater percentage of hickeys. Now you know how to quickly remove a Hickey on your neck.

Heparin ointment

If the home is not a suitable tool, honey ointment can be replaced pharmacy powder Concoctions. To perform the procedure must:

  • Buy powder.
  • Mix a small amount with any nourishing cream for the body.
  • Wait until the mixture reaches a smooth consistency.
  • Apply on the damaged area.
  • Three days later, the effect will surprise you.

The only downside of all the medications is their cost and lack of availability in the home medicine Cabinet. If you upon awakening are faced with the bruise, but you don’t have any medical tools,, use the advice of traditional experts, indeed, among the folk medicine, there are also quite pleasant and practical advice that will certainly help you to get rid of such manifestations.

Remove a Hickey folk remedies

Folk remedies, this is the only assistants who definitely have in the house. Despite the fact that they do not contain any strong substances to deal with hickeys, they can help us at the most inopportune moment. Consider some of the foods that help to cure a Hickey:

  • Cabbage. Surprisingly, to solve the problem, we need cabbage, which is in every house. You must take a cabbage leaf and squeeze well before the formation of juice. After that you should apply it to the affected area and secure with adhesive and medical bandage. One procedure is to go to 30 minutes, sufficient to repeat 2-3 times, and the Hickey will be gone.

cabbage against Hickey

  • Potatoes. Another helper in our house that allows us to monitor the condition of the skin. Before the procedure, be sure to remove the top layer of the root, and then applying it to the affected area. As in the previous case, the procedure is given 30 minutes. If at the time of the procedure, the potato will lose its juice and will not give the desired effect, it should be replaced by another option.
  • Plantain. This is the most effective folk remedy that allows you to get rid of problems of any kind. Everyone knows how to use it. Simply put a plantain leaf to the damaged spot and wait for the desired result. But, we must remember that this folk remedy will help only in the period of the appearance of a Hickey. If you’re stuck with this spot to spend the night, even miraculous plantain will not help you.
  • The aloe leaf. Very efficient and quick tool, it is necessary to impose on the Hickey and let stand for several seconds. The effect will certainly surprise you.

Folk remedies is a great alternative to expensive medications, but they are effective only in the first stages of manifestation of hickeys. If you want to be sure that in two to three days your Hickey will be gone and will not be to remind myself, it is best to use a proven and expensive drugs.

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