How to register Skype?

With Skype, people can communicate with each other, being in different parts of the globe. How important it is sometimes to see a familiar face, if you separated for many days and nights. You need to know how to register in Skype.


The installation of the program

From the official website of to download the program onto your computer or tablet. If you want to use the mobile version, use Google Play or other market applications. This program is distributed absolutely free of charge.

Skype and the world

What you need to check

To successfully register in Skype, you will need three components:

  • Program Skype installed on the device
  • E-mail address. If you don’t, it’s time to buy a mailbox. The procedure is free and does not require much effort
  • Connecting to the Internet. The data needs to be sent to the server

Skype laptop

Step by step instructions

When you start Skype the screen will display a blue window with empty boxes for login and password. Since you don’t have to enter the program, you can not.

  • Pay attention to the line «Create an account». Click on the link to enter password and email address. You can also use the phone number. If you do not have email, you will be prompted to create a new mail box Data Skype
  • The program will ask you to enter personal information such as name and surname. You can specify your real data, in this case other users will be easier to find you. If in these lines you will write your nickname or a fictitious name, the system also will accept them. Skype developers encourage users to enter accurate information. Skype will be your friend for a long time, you will be able to use it both at home and at work. So think twice before your name to indicate your nickname or set of letters.
  • The system will send a verification code to the specified mailbox

Check Skype

  • Enter the date of birth. The system will annually congratulate you, and send reminders to other users about the upcoming celebration
  • Specify gender
  • From the list select your country and language. If you wish, you can write the city, but this box is not marked with an asterisk, and, therefore, not mandatory
  • Write your phone number, you will receive a verification code from SMS

Smartphone SMS

Login to Skype

Fill in all personal data, you come to the most important point – choosing a username and password. Please treat this assignment seriously.

Login name is your individual name in the system. Do not confuse it with your name.

The more users Skype has, the harder it is to choose a suitable username. Repeated names are not allowed.

Login may consist of Latin letters, numbers and symbols. The name must begin with a letter. The minimum number of characters is six.

If the username is already taken, the system will inform you about it. Will have to think again. The program also will offer you available logins that may be suitable.

To come up with a login

Password in Skype

The password is the master key to enter the program. Be sure to write it down or remember. The password can consist of Latin letters and numbers. As with your username, its minimum length is 6 characters.

When entering the password, the characters will automatically turn into black dots. It is the job of the security system.

Do not use for password your date of birth or personal information. Attackers can unravel your simple code and hack account.


If you come up with a username and password and specify them in the system, the registration is completed. Congratulations! You can now use Skype to communicate with loved ones. If you have installed Skype on a personal computer, don’t forget to buy a webcam, speakers and microphone.

On your tablet and laptop, these devices already have, so buying additional hardware is not required.

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