How to register in Friendster

Today social networks are an important part of our life. Every day we go to their page to chat with your friends, see what they had new or just to see photos or read the news. One of the most popular social networks is the network «Odnoklassniki». If you do not have your account at Classmates, to get it is quite simple. However, some difficulties arise. So im wondering how to register at Classmates and find your friends there?


How to register in Friendster

First, you need to use the link to log on to the website. Next, the registration algorithm is the following:

  1. You will find the tab «Registration» where you will be asked to provide your phone number and your country of residence.
  2. The specified number will receive an SMS message with a code that you must enter in the specified box and click «Next».
  3. After confirming the code, you will be prompted to choose and enter a password that will be used in the future to log on to the website. Please note that the password can be used only Latin letters and its length can not be less than 6 characters. As with any registration, new password better be a record somewhere, otherwise you run the risk of losing access to your new page.
  4. The next step is to specify your personal data – name, surname, date of birth, by sex. Of course, it is better to specify the present data, for in them you will be able to find friends with whom you may have lost touch.
  5. After pressing «Save» the check is finished.

how to register in Friendster

How to set profile

After the registration, you can start filling in your profile. This is carried out in three stages:

  1. Download personal photos.
  2. The making of the album.
  3. The choice of place of study, service, etc.

Download photos

To upload your personal photo, top left, find «Add photo» or tap «Add photo», which can be found on the right.

Uploading photos in Friendster

Whichever option you choose, the next steps will be the same. After clicking on your chosen line, you will see a guide using which you can easily add any photos from your computer to the website. First uploaded to the Classmates photo will be automatically installed as the face of the profile, so if you need to treat it in any graphic editor, before download. Note the selected photo and click «Open». All photo installed.

The making of the album

Classmates ask you to create and fill thematic albums. To do this, locate the image of the camera that says «Add photo». You will see the conductor, but in this case, you will be able to add multiple photos. To do this, hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and with the mouse select the desired photo on your PC. After clicking «Add» you will have the album with personal photos, which will move all uploaded photos. In the future, you can rename it or create a new one.

The making of the album

Information about training

To make it easier to find your former classmates, it is recommended to fill in the section on training. To do this, find the «tell us where you studied.» Before you open the form, you will need to specify the place and time of learning. Clicking «Subscribe» you will see a list of people who also indicated that they were at the time studied here.

Information about training on the website classmates

People search

Of course, the Internet was created with the aim of finding and communicating with friends and acquaintances. To find a person, click «Find friends» button located directly under the photo of your profile.

People search on the site classmates

You will see the page in which you want to specify as much information as possible about the person you are searching for. After you enter each new parameter, the list will decrease until it will remain only those whose data are identical with the parameters of your search.


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