How to recover deleted files

Sometimes there are situations when errors users delete the files you need. In such cases, the important thing is not to panic. And when you perform some simple actions, most likely, you will be able to restore them. For this offer to learn – how to recover deleted files?

How to recover deleted files

Criteria, indicating that files can be recovered

Your accidentally deleted files restore, in case you:

  • Do not remove the local disk or you created new one to restore the previous.
  • After cleaning the device tried to work with him. The same applies to flash media.
  • Did not attempt to independently recover lost data.

If all of these items you answered Yes, then your data is likely to be able to be restored, regardless of the type of file and what kind of environment he was in.

if you deleted the file

How to recover from recycle bin

If the file was accidentally deleted in a standard way, in the end, he will be in the Basket. To bring it back, go to the Basket, which is easily to find on the desktop. Then press the right mouse button accidentally deleted a file from the list that appears select «Restore». Thus, the file will return to the place where they were before deletion.

to restore a file from recycle bin

How to repair «Desktop»

This method allows you to restore only files with the «Desktop». For this you need to find the folder «desktop» which is located at C:WindowsUsers. Right mouse button click on the folder «desktop», select «Properties». In the opened tab, find the «Previous versions» file. You will see a number of folders with the same name «desktop». Beside each is written the date, looking at that you will be able to determine what a file is accidentally deleted.


When you find the folder you need to select it, click the right mouse button, choose «Send» and specify the place where there should be a file.

Use program designed to restore DMDE

Assistance in restoration of the lost on PC and the flash device data, you will provide the program DMDE. To start it you need to download on the Internet. Its advantage over similar programs is the fact that you don’t need to install. To run it, just download the file on your computer and unzip it.

At startup, the program will ask you for the data about removal (drive and partition which was deleted file). A special algorithm of the program allows you to recover deleted files. Double-clicking the mouse, you will be able to log on the tested disk. Here you need to choose «All files found and the search will start. Found in the provided files you need, click «Recover». You will open a menu where you can specify the path and click OK.

how to repair the file

Use a simple utility designed to recover files

Windows operating system offers a series of programs for recovering accidentally deleted files. But not all of them may be appropriate. Among the most reliable you can select: «Restoration» and «Undelete Plus». For recovering office files and photos also fit the program «PhotoRec». «Undelete Plus» has a convenient interface and a number of filters that will be useful during the search. The program «Restoration» is called the most accessible to the user.

All of these programs have a simple algorithm, even for «dummies». To search for a remote file, specify from which folder they were deleted. This will start a scan that will generate a list of deleted files. You will only need to find the right. Once it is found, specify the location where you would like to restore it.

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