How to recover a flash drive

There are times when you urgently need to use the flash drive, but the computer does not recognize or does not read information from it. The problem can be solved in several ways. Consider the most common methods on how to recover a flash drive, depending on the reasons for the loss of her files.

USB flash drive

How to recover a flash drive if it can not be read

This method is relevant to any stick, regardless of its model, which is not subjected to mechanical damage. To start, determine its PID and VID. To do this, the menu «start» find and click «Run.» To get to the «device Manager», you need to type «mmc devmgmt.msc». In the window find the «USB universal Controllers», then we can find and our stick. Typically they appear as devices.

how to recover a flash drive

Pressing the right mouse button, find and select «Properties» and «Vedomosti». In the menu, select the command «ID equipment». In the new window we will be able to find us the PID and VID. This value is of 4 digits after the underscore. They need to enter on the website and click the Search button.

We get the results where we need to pay attention to the right column, which is not only names, but and software versions, using which we can restore our stick. All of these programs out there can be found and downloaded from the Internet. They are fairly simple and able to restore USB flash drive after pressing just one button.

How to recover USB flash drive format

If you accidentally formatted the flash drive with the right information and after that nothing on her is not recorded, you can try to restore it. For this there are a variety of programs: Unformat, Active@ File Recovery etc. All of them have friendly interface and manage any user. What software to restore a flash drive, you choose. Consider them an example of Active@ File Recovery.

the program Active@ File Recovery

For starters, this program requires installation on your computer. After that in the list of drives find the desired flash drive and click «SuperScan». The program will automatically find all the files that were on the drive before formatting. These files can be moved to any convenient place for you. To recover click «Recover». As recovery they will be moved to the specified folder. The only drawback of this program is that as you transfer the files to the correct folder, it will automatically rename them.

How to recover USB flash drive damaged by viruses

There are many different viruses that can damage information on a flash drive. Treatment usually fits most antivirus programs. After treatment of the drive to recover files from the help program, which was discussed above. But there are times when it can’t do that because the virus was able to replace characters in the name of these files is prohibited. In this case, follow these instructions:

  1. In the search bar of start menu type the drive letter (disk), which is the location of the stick. Put a colon and type dir /x /ad. Your entry would have the following form: H:dir /x /ad.
  2. If you hide folders on a flash drive involved a virus, then you will see the inscription «E2E2~1». In this case, you must type a command to rename them ren E2E2~1 NEWF.
  3. After pressing Enter to begin restoring the information. You will have to open the drive and verify the implementation of the program.

recovery stick

How to recover a flash drive in the presence of mechanical damage

Mechanical damage is a complex test for your drive. Since in this case all the data can disappear without a trace. But to try to return them. This involved firms who repair computers.

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