How to read Tarot playing cards

As a child we all believed in fairy tales and Tarot cards, but was always afraid to try everything in practice because I was expecting something scary and unusual. Today every third woman from time to time, you may wonder how to read Tarot playing cards to get a truthful answer all of the questions. Some suggest that it is possible to guess only on special cards for divination, but it is not. Even normal playing cards, if they are new, I can show you the answer to your question.

how to read Tarot playing cards

It is very important before the process of divination to buy a new deck of cards and nobody to give it up. It is necessary to speak, to give her energy to the cards understand what you are waiting for them to answer only the questions about you. In no case do not give your card to a third party, because in this case, the energy connection will be broken.

Features Tarot

You should always remember that Tarot cards should only occur in sound mind and in good health. If you are experiencing dizziness, you should this process be left for another day, which will be more suitable for you. Also in a fit of anger do not need to take cards, even if you feel that another moment might not be.

Be sure to clean your Tarot cards, a good option is salt. She can help you get rid of cards from negative emotions and forces, which tend to be formed in the process of divination. Remember that the process of divination is a rather complicated process, so to reveal all the cards in one day just will not work.

Before the process of divination, there are still certain rules which must be adhered to:

  • The question should be clearly formulated.
  • Do not guess at the fate.
  • Question should relate to time, not more than three months.
  • Get rid of negative emotions during divination.
  • Always work with the future, not the past.

Go to work in his right mind and remember that if you don’t have power over, you get a 100% answer you will not succeed. To do this is to use the professional help of a specialist, who in this respect there is a special card.

Speculating on desire

To tell fortunes on desire, you need to take a new deck of 26 cards, and mix well them. Remove one card, place it to one side. All other cards will be spread among five logs. Then, take the map, had been delayed, define its color and make a wish.

Then you can move on to the discovery of cards from the first deck. You need to pull the card of the same suit, which will be more than 10. When you find such a card, set it aside and move on to the next column.

As soon as all five decks will be selected cards, lay the cards that are left in 4 logs and guide progress. All this must be done until, until you will be one deck, which is just 5 cards. You need to open them. If the deck will be cards higher than 10 and up to aces, then your wish will come true.

the methods of divination on the cards

If came out the other cards at the moment desire has no right to be.

How to tell fortunes?

If you want to read the event and to find out what awaits you in the near future, you need to take a new deck of cards on 36, good shuffle and place them into 4 equal stacks. After that, take one card and lay beside him. For this there are such interpretation:

  • The cards of hearts – next to you, beloved man, which belongs only to you.
  • Spades – a disappointment in love, friendship, working relationships.
  • Jack of cards – success, victory in all matters, fame, a better life.
  • Clubs – the financial profit and stability, improving the business cases.

the secrets of the Tarot

The combination of cards at the time of divination

  • Peak-of clubs lady – lots of problems in the future, which require a lot of time.
  • Nine and six of spades – a long-awaited journey, profit.
  • Of hearts and nine of diamonds, ten – way to wealth.
  • Queen of hearts and a ten – long-awaited meeting with old friends or colleagues.
  • Peak seven and a Jack of clubs – you live around gossip and foes.

Learn all the secrets of proper fortune-telling playing cards very difficult, but to learn the basics and to conduct some experiments. You should definitely remember that to give a reliable answer can only be a professional with experience, so ordinary fans can very often be wrong in their assumptions.

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