How to raise the temperature

Usually people come to medical sites in order to find out how you can bring the temperature down with the disease. But there are also those who are more interested in how to raise the temperature. Because sometimes in life there are situations when you need to simulate an illness with high fever. If you too are caught in such a situation, then you can use the following tips.

How to raise the temperature

Turns out there are many ways that you can help at home to change a thermometer in a big way. But before doing that, rate the negative impact that can provide your chosen method. Conventionally, all methods can be divided into:

  1. The increase that you see on the thermometer before to be measured.
  2. The increase during the measurement.


To dramatically increase the readings on the thermometer, simply bring it to the heat source (battery, radiator, warmer, etc.) or submerge in a glass of hot water. As soon as the thermometer appears relevant evidence, can be put under a mouse a thermometer and mimic disease.

Rubbing armpits

If you have no heat or hot water, and the temperature increase needed, it is possible to RUB your armpits. This method is also quite common and relatively safe. But RUB that in there, and using some stimulus. They can be garlic, red pepper, onion juice or salt. The degree of elevation data of the thermometer will depend on how much you spend rubbing. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise you risk to burn. Use this method only if the moment on your skin there is no damage or irritation. This method of simulation sickness is very popular among students and adults who need to get a sick note.

Ways of raising the temperature to 38 degrees

If you want to increase the temperature, use one of the following methods:

  1. Soar feet. If you omit the feet in a basin of hot water, which added dry mustard, and hold it for 15-20 minutes, while constantly adding new portions of hot water, that is, the probability that the temperature will rise to 38 degrees.
  2. The use of the stylus. On the Internet you can find advice to increase the temperature, you need to eat lead from a pencil (simple). Before that, it is removed from the wooden or plastic sheath and good chewing, eat.
  3. The use of coffee. To increase the heat transfer and accordingly body temperature, you need to eat a few tablespoons of dry coffee.
  4. Use paper glue that you need to lubricate the internal part of the nose. This can not only raise the temperature, but to provoke sneezing and the appearance of symptoms characteristic catarrhal disease.
  5. The use of geranium leaves. As in the previous method, you will have to grease the nose. Only in this case the juice of geranium. For this purpose the leaf of a plant good RUB until then, until the drops of juice that coat the inside of the nose wings.

But note that if you are looking for ways how to raise the temperature of a child, such methods should be avoided, as they can negatively affect child health.

Ways of raising the temperature to 39 degrees

If you want the temperature was very high, I have to go to drastic measures. One of these fundamental methods is the use of iodine, which is dripping 3-4 drops on a piece of bread or sugar. In the Internet you can find the assertion that this method can significantly increase the thermometer and they last for hours on end. If you decide to take advantage of this advice, be careful not to take too much iodine inside. Otherwise you can get severe burns of the mucous membranes.

If the temperature is low, what to do?

There are times when we see that the thermometer did not even reach the required 36.6 degrees. This may indicate the depletion of the body, the development of serious illnesses, poisoning, poisons or serious disorders in the body. To find out why, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe the tests can clarify the situation.

If you perished, and this was the reason for the low temperature readings, then you need to do the following:

  • go into a warm room, put on his warm and definitely dry things;
  • wrap yourself in a warm blanket;
  • drink a hot drink (ideally, if it is a tea with ginger, honey and lemon);
  • in the neck and groin place a warm hot-water bottles;
  • if cooling is negligible, then take a bath with warm water, but if you are very much perished, but this method is contraindicated for you.

Safe experiments with temperature?

Trying to cheat the thermometer, people do not always think about the fact – won’t this cause harm to his health? Because the artificial increase of the natural indicators of a stress to the body, which can be negative changes and deterioration of the immune system. As a result, the body becomes susceptible to infections and you will be sick more often.

Ways of increasing temperatures with the use of iodine, salt and other corrosive substances that can seriously harm the body. So, before you use them, think about the consequences and alternative methods of solving your problem.

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