How to quickly sober up at home

Fun, friends, celebration – everything is good, but what to do when there comes a hangover? This is quite a nasty expression, which is accompanied by different symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, loss of appetite. Everyone at least once faced with such unpleasant phenomena as hangovers, that is why all the question arises of how to quickly sober up at home, not to contact the experts? In fact, there are many different methods that allow you to quickly improve the condition of the body, restore a healthy appearance and good mood.

How to quickly sober up at home

A classic way to combat a hangover

Of course, after a serious party, which was attended by alcohol, morning cannot be good. We Wake up early because we are witnessing a strange and unfamiliar processes in the body. Our stomach refuses to work, there is a dry mouth, and severe headaches. Is it really impossible to get rid of such manifestations? Of course, you can. For this, consider the following classic options to deal with a hangover at home:

  • Cold water and ice. If you have the opportunity, it is necessary to take a cold shower, it is advisable to plunge into it head first. This morning procedure can strengthen the heart and relieve you from the symptoms of a hangover. Be sure that after the soul soon you will feel more lively than before this time.
  • Massage the ears and feet. A rather strange method but it is effective. Just massage the ears and feet, getting from this ideal, suggesting to themselves that they really will help you.
  • Hot tea. It would seem, in this state, only hot and not enough. Actually, the sweet tea is really hot for a while allows a person to feel the freedom and good condition.
  • Cocktail. For this cocktail you will need vegetable oil, raw egg yolk, spicy ketchup, black pepper, lemon and water. The cocktail is quite unpleasant, but it quickly helps you to stay sober if there is an urgent need.

struggle with a hangover

Many experts say that any drinks that contain in their composition sugar, and promote speedy get rid of a hangover and the withdrawal of alcohol from the blood. If you decide to drink something sweet, you need to cause a gag reflex in advance to drinking a sweet drink will not ask you back.

How to sober up quickly and permanently?

If you want to get rid of a hangover for a longer time, the cold shower and massage will not help you, there should take on more serious versions. To sober up, it is necessary to cleanse the bowel. It is desirable to make an enema. As soon as the procedure with enema is completed, and the bowel is empty, you can move on to methods.

Remember that the most effective way is water or a different diuretic drugs that promote the excretion of toxins from the body through urination. You can still in this time to go to the bath, if she is in your house or in the country, because in a public bath in this state you just do not want. Drink mineral water, it will certainly contribute to a speedy recovery.

How to sober up quickly and permanently?

If you want to get rid of this condition with the help of drugs, Furosemide is best not used for such purposes will need Verospiron. If you have a excellent physical training use of physical exercises at home. You can give preference to regular pushups or jumping rope, if condition allows. Then will be removed all hazardous and toxic substances, and you will be able to see considerable relief.

Once you will hold a different manipulation for cleaning of the stomach, always smell ammonia or other tool having a pungent odor. 10 minutes after this drink, vitamin B1, such a solution can be buy in the drugstore.

how to instantly sober up

Sober for 5 minutes

Sometimes, waking up in the morning, we understand that part of alcohol consumed yesterday was clearly unnecessary. What to do when it’s a hangover? How to quickly sober up after the vodka? There is a effective method that is ready to relieve you from a hangover in just 5 minutes. Consider it:

  • To instantly sober up, you should take vitamin C, best of all, if it is a soluble tablet that can be mixed with water.
  • Take to the streets if we are talking about the frosty seasons. Clean and fresh air is sure to cheer you up and ease your condition.
  • Cucumber pickle is one of the most effective ways.
  • Contrast shower or cold bath.
  • Drink plenty of liquids. It is impossible to bring the body to dehydration, even if you think that in addition to water, the body is nothing. A lot of fluids in this condition does not happen.
  • A hearty Breakfast. Many people Wake up after a night of fun, say that a few days will not eat and drink, because their body is not ready. On the contrary, if you want to instantly improve your condition, make sure you have Breakfast as it allows your body.

sober for 5 minutes

Remember that with a hangover must be fought. Should not take this lying down in agony, hoping that the evening will get easier. Sometimes the body is unable to deal with such changes, especially if it is a stressful situation. If your house is a lemon, water and sugar, the hangover you’re not scared. Use various ways to get rid of a hangover at home, and never meet such a condition, such as nausea, headache and General physical weakness in the morning.

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