How to quickly grow long hair?

Healthy long hair – the trump card of a beautiful woman. How to quickly grow hair, to catch his looks charmed men? There are several ways to speed up the growth process.

Hair growth


You first need to figure out why the hair does not grow. There are several reasons why girls can’t boast of long locks:

  • Hair loss
  • The fragility and brittleness
  • Dry
  • The section of hair
  • Lack of vitamins and protein
  • The systematic cooling of the hair

Fragile hair

To solve these problems, you can contact the beauty salon or spend a number of procedures independently.

Professional restoration

1. Mesotherapy. The beautician enters under the skin of the head is a mixture of active substances that nourish the follicles. Amino acids and vitamins will help you to solve problems with the hair, they begin to grow faster. The drug is selected individually, depending on the parameters of your hair. The cosmetologist will run some tests and choose the dosage


2. Laser comb. The laser activates blood circulation in the scalp, stimulating the hair roots. Usually a course of treatments at the clinic. You can also get a comb and do treatments from the comfort of home

3. Darsonval. This action on hair follicles with high frequency currents of small strength. The result is faster blood circulation, and all processes are run in accelerated mode

4. Ozone therapy. This injection of a mixture which includes ozone. Improves lymphatic flow, the roots are filled with power. The growth of curls aktiviziruyutsya

Home treatments

If you don’t want to spend money on expensive cosmetic injections and stimulation, you can undertake the procedures themselves.

1. The head massage. Correct stimulation of the necessary points will make hair grow faster. Classical massage always begins with the capture of fingertips skin on the brow. Move to the temples from the centre of the nose. Then massaged the area behind the ears.

Massage head

Then proceed to massage the top of the head. All movements made in the direction of hair growth.

The last step is to wrap it around your skull and rhythmically move the head skin first left, then right.

Head massage is contraindicated in high blood pressure, and if the scalp has abrasions, scratches. Remember that to repeat the effect on the roots regularly. But aktiviziruyutsya sebaceous glands, hair quickly starts to get dirty.

2. Nourish and moisturize. To breathe in the tresses strength, you should regularly make masks from natural ingredients. Proven remedies for hair growth is onion and garlic and peppers and mustard. These burning products can improve the blood circulation in the area of hair follicles. But masks with these ingredients is contraindicated in women who have very sensitive scalp. In addition, after the procedure, the hair takes on a characteristic smell.

Mask for hair

Wrap hair with essential oils – a great alternative to onion and garlic. Suitable argan Shea butter, avocado and jojoba. Apply a few drops of medicinal substances into the hair, leave the oil for 30 minutes. Hair will become shiny, but this should not scare you. The effect of the masks based oils always exceeds all expectations. Hair grow faster and become strong and supple.

Hair growth

If you want to have long hair is not necessary to resort to artificial extensions curls. Make time for your hair, sign up for treatments at the salon or buy special accessories to care. The hair will start to grow faster.

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