How to put a password on the computer?

If before computers were kept, except that a couple of Word documents with some working materials, today home PC loaded with a variety of personal information. Not everyone is ready to live in peace with the idea that their computer can easily take advantage of someone else. Therefore, the question arises – how to put a password on the computer?

how to put a password on the computer

Lock access to the account

If a person needs a fairly simple protection, for example, from children or other family members, in most cases it is enough to put a password on your account.

The first option is for Windows XP

Although this operating system appeared in 2001, it surprisingly has not lost its relevance and remains one of the best.

To set the password you need to follow this algorithm:

  • Using the Start need to open «user Accounts».
  • In the window that appears, click on «edit account».


  • As a rule, then there are two icons – an active account and a guest. Select your.
  • In the next window, click on «create a password».


  • Come up with a password. If you want, you can write a tooltip for it, but only if it does not tell the combination to someone else.

password on XP

The second option – for Windows 7

Despite the release of the new OS, seven » continues to be relevant, on a par with XP.

To set a password, you need to act as follows:

  • Using the Start menu open «control Panel».
  • Setting the mode to «Category» (in the upper part of the window) select the item «user Accounts».


  • Inside it, select the item with the same name.


  • Then you need to click on «changes in account» and go to the direct creation of the password.
  • All that remains is to think of a combination and, if desired, to leave a clue.

password 7

The third option – Windows 10

To deal with this latest operating system is hard enough. Has she changed much in design, so if working with seven, it was possible to proceed by analogy with XP, then here it is problematic.

How to put a password on Windows 10 PC:

  • In the lower left corner of the screen, click on the Windows button.
  • The next step is Settings.


  • In the resulting window, select «Account».


  • A new window will open, on the left side which you need to choose «login Settings».

option, input

  • New section will be named «Password». Clicking on the «Add» button, you can go to the direct creation of combinations.


  • Here you need to enter twice invented letters and numbers, and to specify a hint.
  • Clicking «Next» to complete the process.

how to put a password on Windows 10

How to put a password on the computer through the BIOS?

So, if a person is interested in a higher level of protection, you should go to the BIOS. In order to get into it, inclusion is often enough to quickly press Del button.

When you will see the appropriate screen, select the box Security, that is security.

Here we immediately see three types of password. It is necessary to understand which one why you need.

  • The type of Supervisor he will block the BIOS. In theory, it can be used as a Supplement to the basic password, it is better not to do it.
  • User – will not allow another person to make any changes in the BIOS.
  • HDD is the password for the hard disk. What you need.


After entering in the required column, you need to dial invented the password and save the change, press F10.

Not all BIOS allow you to create such passwords, however, in most cases, it is.

Parental control

If you want to protect an account from the children so they did not go to the wrong sites, or didn’t touch adult game, you can simply use the option of Parental control.

  • In the «control Panel» go into «Parental control».
  • Clicking a standard account, and in this graph you need to click on «Enable».

parental control

  • The OK button saves your changes.

Unfortunately, none of the variants of protection will not save your computer from professional hackers, but not to give a random person to look into the files quite succeed.

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