How to put a password on a folder?

In the modern world is an important component of the information completely safe and inaccessible to other users. At the moment, many PC owners are set by important to them the question of how to put a password on a folder? Someone needs to lock access to the files and photos of a personal nature, someone to provide security for the special file with usernames and passwords from accounts social. networks. Someone purely work files and getting them in the wrong hands can hurt not only the employee but the entire company. Others may keep copies of various documents.

In the digital age information is not only an important set of numbers and letters, but also the goods which are happy to buy other users and subject to pressure on some people. Certain confidential information it is better to hide from prying eyes, limiting access to outsiders.

How to put a password on a folderA password on folders

Just take it and hide the folder is not the ideal solution, since even the most young users know how to find hidden folders in 5 minutes. The most correct way can be considered the use of specialized programs to set a password on the folder. This method will help to protect your important data.

Using one of the search engines, you can find simply a huge number of specialized programs on the subject. Today we focus on the most reliable and simple software that will effectively deliver protection for your files in the computer.

How to restrict access to a folder with WinZip or WinRar?

  1. To work you need installed on your device Winrar. If one is not found, then you will have to download and install. The archiver can be borrowed for free from the official website.
  2. Right-click on the desired folder. You will have a menu. You need to choose «add to archive». The process of adding folders to the archiveThe process of adding folders to the archive
  3. (Depends on the version of the archiver) Or the General tab or the Advanced tab will be the string to set the password. Choose it. The process of installing a password for the archiveThe process of installing a password for the archive
  4. Will need to double enter your invented password. It is desirable that the password meet the requirement of security. To be a length of 8 characters and contain different characters, not be your date of birth or other significant event from your history.
  5. Now click OK. The folder is zipped and without knowledge of the password to the archive to get, no one can.

The protection of personal data with the program DirLock

With the help of this software the ability to install the right password fast enough and not under compulsion. With the task to handle even for people not particularly versed in computer technology. Problems downloading and installing this software DirLock you should not happen.

After you install DirLock, you will have a new feature. Right-click the mouse on the folder, which in your opinion should not get on a shared vision. In the menu that appears you will see a new section «Lock/UnLock». The function you need for full protection folder.

The Program DirLockThe Program DirLock

But if you do not find the new section by clicking the right mouse button, go to the program DirLock, go to «File» —> «Options» and click the Add Lock/Unlock.

Click again, right-click on the folder you want to protect and select the column «Lock/UnLock». (Your monitor will appear a window where will need to the password, it will be valid in your home folder). Password as well think of complex, not 12345678, but really difficult. The main thing you need to record it, if you forget, the access to the right information for you will be closed.

SelectSelect «Lock/UnLock»

After data manipulation when you try to open the desired folder you will receive an error. The error indicates that you did everything correctly and your data secure from other users.

In order to get into a protected folder, you need again to open the context menu, choose » Lock/UnLock and enter your password coined. Now open access. Once finished, remember to re-protect set a password to the folder, otherwise your data will be again available to all.

How to put a password in Windows?

Some people believe that Windows is not able to protect individual folders, you must use the software to set the password. This view is erroneous. This version is transferred from one user to another and is associated with low awareness of people in the field of computer science.

Microsoft is constantly concerned about the safety of their users. The security level is constantly increasing with each subsequent version of Windows.

The whole idea of zaparkowania folders in Windows is based on the creation of different user accounts on the computer. To protect data with a password, you need to do the following:

  • Create accounts for users. At the start of work with a computer there is only one account with administrator rights.
  • As soon as other accounts, feel free to put a password on his account. Again, do not forget that the password must meet the usual safety standards. Adding and deleting user accountsAdding and deleting user accounts
  • Specify which folders on the PC will have General access and which will be available only to you. To gain full access to these folders from another account, you will need to enter your password.

Here we have considered most popular ways to protect folders from prying eyes. Be vigilant and don’t let attackers gain access to your personal data, especially now that you know how to protect personal data.

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