How to please a girl?

In today’s world any self-respecting man should know how to please a girl. We live in the era of the Internet and entertainment. Everyone can afford almost any entertainment, but what’s the point in vacation if there is no beloved woman? Of course, no, because the company is a favorite to do any pastime. Therefore, in this article we will talk about how to behave in order to please a girl. Below, we give detailed recommendations that will help the person who wants to impress their lady impression.

How to please a girl

The rules of conquest girls

  • Self-confidence. This is the first thing to create impression on woman. If you conduct an experiment in which women are asked about the qualities should always have their man, then perhaps the vast majority will respond that he should be confident in themselves and their abilities. Confidence is captivating. This quality is difficult to underestimate, because confident people always impress. They are easy to oppose insecure people who are constantly afraid of something and fear. Insecure man often causes women a pity. She may think that such a person is not courageous, and probably will not fall in love with him. Although, it is worth noting that in life there are situations when the lady gave her heart to the chosen one, who sincerely sympathized. Anyway, better not to risk and to give yourself more confidence. If you try to seem confident, you will notice how much will change in your life, and, of course, for the better.
  • Humor. Yes, a good sense of humor is not common. If earlier over your jokes, nobody laughed, there is reason to think that, perhaps, with a sense of humor you have problems. But don’t give up on yourself! You have a great motivation to develop this feeling – the desire to please the beloved. People say that every woman loves the ears. With this it is useless to argue, it is. A cheerful woman is much easier to win, but if she became happy because of you, your chances of success will increase significantly.

how to get a girlfriend

More laugh, tell funny interesting stories from life, will discuss recently viewed your Comedy, etc.

  • Courage. Rare to meet a lady who wants to see someone she could protect and save the trouble. It just so happened that a woman wants to be with strong and brave creature, than herself.

It is inherent in their nature. In the process of formation of human consciousness is firmly established that man is a strong creature, as a woman, on the contrary, weak. This does not mean that the fairer sex likes a rough man’s strength, although there are some. Just everyone wants to fall in love with someone she can feel protected. And protecting the woman can give only a courageous person. Courage is the main path that you need to lay to heart the beloved.

how to win the girl

  • Education. People with good manners, very favorable to him. Education can not be overlooked. The network began to create memes which say that people with good manners really not educated, he just flirts. Unfortunately, the etiquette these days, a rarity. But if you follow these rules, you will certainly make your lady a good impression. Give him a hand when you exit the vehicle. If you are coming by car, come first to open the door. Arriving at the restaurant, move the chair so she could sit on him, then, pull up a chair to the table, etc.
  • Responsibility. This is a very important human quality, which is valued at all times. With regard to male responsibility, it is not just desirable, but necessary. Showing responsibility for yourself, for her, for the family, you will show your sweetheart that you’re the one she was looking for. Irresponsible men can not show their positive qualities, because their irresponsibility overrides them.
  • Creativity. Many ladies seek to find a man who would was not like the others. Creativity is a wonderful quality. And winning over women’s hearts, the more. The representatives of the beautiful sex love it when attention is paid not only on them but also on their chosen one, is just such an extraordinary and unusual word that stands out. Can stand out not only in appearance but also speech, facial expressions, gestures and other things.

How to care for the girl

Show your lady that you stand out from the crowd.

  • Erudition. Rare to find a woman that liked me stupid and limited to young people. This does not mean that the conquest of the hearts of ladies, you need to be an expert in nuclear physics and know how the internal combustion engine. Show her that you have something to talk about. Share with the girl your impressions of the last read books, from what I have seen before the film. Tell her your views on the latest developments in the arena of world politics. Even if she’s not interested in this topic, it will definitely say that you are not stupid, and very contrary. With erudite people always have something to talk about with them is never boring. And girls like smart guys and developed, so everything is in your hands.

How not to fall face in the dirt on a first date?

Men often ask the question: «How to behave on a first date to impress her?» The tips we have given above, will definitely help to impress a woman. To them, perhaps you can add a few more tips for a first date:

  • Be neat. You’ll never have a chance to make a first impression a second time. From what you see girl, will depend very much further sympathy so sure. Be sure to monitor their appearance. On a first date need to come in clean, ironed clothes. Your footwear should be washed, but if you go in the shoes, then buff them to a Shine.
  • Correctly select clothes. If you go to the theater, then dress accordingly. No tracksuits on the first date. The only exception is Sally.
  • Prezent. A classic gift that a guy can do a girl on a first date is to give her flowers. This gift is relevant at all times. For it doesn’t matter even the age of the giver and the recipient.

romance with girl

To give a girl flowers on the first date, so to show that she is not indifferent to you. Any lady wants to know what she likes her husband. And even while you is not «her man», giving her flowers, you’ll increase your chances to become them.

In addition to flowers on the first date with a woman you can give candy, perfume or even jewelry. Expensive jewelry is better not to give at the first meeting, otherwise, your fiancee will think it is «buy».

  • Smell. We often underestimate the importance of smell for the formation of first impressions, but in vain. You would do well to use perfume or toilet water. Your fiancee will appreciate your pleasant aroma. This will offer her to you.

Follow these tips and you will certainly love the girl.

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