How to pickle mushrooms?

With the onset of autumn mushroom, a period of hunting for mushrooms, tasty, meaty is the penny, but they need to not only collect, but also the right pickle for the winter, so they were extremely tasty. There are two ways how to pickle mushrooms for the winter and each of them individually.

Cold pickling

Soaking mushrooms

The first step to salting is the preparation of mushrooms, they need to be soaked in water for a couple of hours. For this you can take the bowl to pour it into it, fill with water — this needs to be done to get all the bitterness out of them. After need every penny not only clean from dirt, earth, but also to remove the wormy parts. The next step will be laying the mushrooms in a container where they will vymachivanija, and the need to settle their heads down. After you have laid all the mushrooms they need to pour the water, and there they must stay 3 days. Within three days should be drained and filled with new water, thereby changing it to a clean, replacement water should be 1-2 times a day.

Cold pickling

After soaking is followed by a process of salting, it is in laying and pouring of mushrooms with salt and add the additional ingredients. For this you need salt in the amount of 4 cent per kilogram of mushrooms. Take container, where they will be stored on the bottom sprinkle a little salt, a couple of leaves currant, horseradish and cherry, a couple of cloves of garlic, dill. On top of all the ingredients you need to put mushrooms legs up.

After you have lined the first layer, it should sprinkle with salt and add the Bay leaf, and then sprinkled on top of the salt layer is laid out next and so on, alternating the mushrooms with salt. After complete filling of the tank, it should cover, it should be smaller than the neck. On top of the lid you need to place the load, it can be weight or other heavy object.

After the whole installation procedure and installation of the goods is done, the capacity to send in a cold place. The process of salting will last a month, only then can eat delicious mushrooms.

Hot pickling

Hot pickling

This method of salting is more popular in contrast to the cold, as it takes much less time. It is used if there are no conditions for soaking or very warm weather where they can deteriorate and begin to ferment. For salting, the first step you need to take a bowl or other container to move the mushrooms, the Gulf water. In soaked condition they need to leave at least two hours so that all the dirt and leaves wet, this will allow in further easily to wash and clean the mushrooms. You then boil the cleaned mushrooms, drain the water using colander, rinse under running water and again drain all the water.


The next step is to put them in the pot, legs up, while periodically sprinkling with salt. Consumption of salt 40 grams to 1 kilogram. Also in the process of laying periodically between the layers, add the sliced onion, horseradish, garlic and dill. After you have laid all of the ingredients in the container should be covered with a lid, which will be less than the bottleneck capacity. The top cover you must set the consignment and send in a cool place. To zaselyatsya mushrooms will be much less than in cold salting, it will take more than 8 days, and after that they can bring to the table.

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