How to pay traffic fines via Sberbank Online?

A few years ago, payment of various bills or fines is often turned into a real hell. It was necessary to stand hours in a queue to get to the Bank employee or representative of the post office. Fortunately, now everything has become much easier. How to pay traffic fines via Sberbank Online or close your utility bills – all the usual questions that everyone can understand.

Yak, splatty traffic fines through Oschadbank online

To use this method can people who have a plastic card of the Bank. When the issuing officer of the Department always connects the mobile and online features. As a result of all, after receiving the card, you may start to pay various bills while at your home computer.

What to do when you receive a fine?

It’s hard to find a car owner who has never received fines for driving. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and here there is not always malice. Anyway, the result in the mailbox is a receipt with photo from camera, or the documents are issued directly by the traffic police.

Of course, many lay such a charge. This is not the product for which you have to pay at the checkout. So often penalties for a long time just lying on a shelf as they are not reminiscent of very adverse circumstances.

Objectively speaking, there is no sense to postpone payment of the fine, and there are two main reasons.

  • First, if the debt is not paid within sixty days, the amount will double. If the fine was initially not very large, it is not critical, however the situation is different. In some cases, this increase could be something really serious.
  • Secondly, most of these receipts, from 2016 began to act peculiar discount. In many systems, when the payment for the first 20 days is reduced almost half of the amount. Discount varies on different resources and different penalties, but it is almost always there.

Thus, it is not necessary to delay payment, and to accelerate and facilitate this process will help Sberbank online.


The payment preparation

So, if the card is tied to a mobile phone and obtained the data for entering your personal account on the website, then you can begin to pay the fines.

  • For starters, you need to log in using the username and one-time or permanent password. After that, the mobile will receive a message that contains the combination. You will need to write in the appropriate field.
  • The result will be a Personal account, the rich variety of data and features. The first page displays a map which indicates the last operation. In order to understand how to pay traffic fines via Sberbank Online, you need to get to the tab, «Payments and transfers». It is easy to find at the top of the page.
  • This window gives you the opportunity to pay for various things. For example, you can recharge your phone, deal with the utilities receipts and even take care of the Internet access. To communicate with the penalties you should pay attention to the column «traffic, taxes, fees…».
  • Here is the paragraph «traffic police» — it was he needed for payment.

strafe traffic

Before you can begin to direct payment, you must search for the most debts. This is done through various documents. For example, suitable number of a driver’s license or certificate of registration. In addition, the search is performed according to specific receipts.

Thus, to pay fines in advance, even before receiving the paper, just after ascertaining the presence of possible debts. If receipts already on hand, they can be used as a search method.

How to pay traffic fines via Sberbank Online?

Once you have found the correct Earl, you can undertake a search of their receipts and future payments.

  • The first column in the window called «Select». Putting «Fines», it is possible to fill in details.
  • Here you will select the card from which the funds are debited on payment. It may not be credit, but also on account should be a sufficient amount of money.
  • The filling in the bottom fields you want the system could find unpaid fines.


  • If all data are entered correctly on the website reflected the identified debt. Will show the amount and date of receipt.
  • If the information is true, then you must go to the confirmation with the button «Continue».


  • The window will give you the opportunity to check all details of your future payment. Worth the extra time to look at the amount, the penalties, the date of the resolution of the selected map and other aspects.
  • In addition, this column indicates the Commission is charged with payment, if applicable.
  • When everything is checked, you can press the Confirm button.
  • As a result, in the near future for a phone number to receive a code. It must be entered in the appropriate field below the payment has been confirmed.

This completes payment of traffic fines via Sberbank Online.


How to repay the debt with the help of details?

If you want to pay a specific fine for a specific receipt, you can use her details search. All the action will take place on the same tab as in the method described above.

  • For starters, you need to specify the region and find the controls specified in the regulation. This can be done by specifying your city or organization name.
  • In addition, there are other data, like the INN and the current account. It is sufficient to find any relevant information on the receipt and write it in the appropriate field.
  • As a result search for organizations from which you must choose the one that sent the fine.

the organization

  • Then you can move on to the next window. Here you need to enter different data. First, you need the date, number and series resolutions, as well as information about on whose name is issued a fine. In a separate column fits the name, address of residence and everything else, under the form. When all fields are filled, you can press the button «Continue».

Further actions are little different from the method with automatic search. In the window that appears you need to check all the data, and specify the amount you need to pay. Then just need to wait for an SMS to confirm and enter the code to complete the payment procedure.

In both cases, after the process, you can get an original receipt. It is better to save to your computer or to print on the case it will be necessary to prove the fact of payment. So you can easily pay off their fines, while often saving up to 50% of the amount.


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