How to pay for Tricolor TV through Sberbank Online?

Despite the fact that most people prefer to watch movies and other programs using the Internet, the popularity of television almost is not quenched. Of course, for him, as for anything, you have to pay a fee. So how to pay for Tricolor TV through Sberbank Online?

Today Tricolor TV is one of the largest operators in Russia that provides satellite television. The original card company is digital TV. Sberbank cooperates closely with this organization, but because all of its resources make it easy to pay for access to television.

There are two main methods of payment. A payment can be made on the website of the Tricolor TV and through the official website of Sberbank Online, which offers users a multitude of options.

how to pay for tricolor TV through Sberbank online

How to pay for Tricolor TV through Sberbank Online?

Nothing surprising in the fact that more and more people are beginning to use Online savings. It can be used to perform various payments and transfers – easy to deal with utility bills, traffic police fines and, of course, the Internet and TV.

In order to use the resource, it is enough to get your card. After this, no more sitting in queues in Bank offices, do not need to adjust their schedule. A personal account on the website will allow you to make almost any payment at the time that a person chooses for himself.

How to pay for Tricolor TV through Sberbank Online:

  • First and foremost, you need to get in your personal Cabinet. If you have no username and password, they can be obtained at the nearest ATM.

personal account

  • Seeing the green menu, you need to find the setting to «Payment services».


  • In this column is the category of «Communications, Internet, Television.»
  • After clicking on it displays a list of various organizations that provide such services. As a rule, Tricolor TV is the top, and so find it easy. If the desired icon is not visible, the search string is typed in the company name. Just press on the logo.


  • This will open a window where you will need to pay.
  • Here are various approved. For example, you need to enter the contract number, specify the card for debiting and the amount to be paid.
  • After all is written, you can save as a template to make further payments went easier and faster. Also for this there is the feature of auto payment.
  • It only remains to follow the steps and confirm the payment.

After the funds will be credited to the service provider, the TV will work again if it has been disabled. It is best to pay a little forward to the broadcast worked without a hitch.


How to pay at an ATM?

In that case, if a person has no access to the Internet or directly personal account Sberbank Online, it can make payment via ATM. Such a tiny branch of the Bank it is easy to find in any city. If you are unable to locate via the Internet, it will tell you phone:

  • 8800-555-55-50.

After the terminal is found, you need to place your card and start payment process:

  • For work will need button Payments.
  • It is section of the TV.
  • It is necessary to find a company where you are assigned to cash – Tricolor TV. You also need to specify the type of the connected services.
  • Then you need to dial the terminal number of twelve or fourteen digits, which each client Tricolor.
  • Then fit the amount you need to send the company.
  • If everything is spelled correctly, then the payment is confirmed by Payment.

Will just have to pick up the check. It can be used if need be to prove the fact of payment.


The use of the company website

Now that it is clear how to pay the Tricolor TV through Sberbank Online is to consider how to do it via your personal website. To do this, again you need to have a card with the Bank, it needs to be Visa or Mastercard.

It all starts with on site Tricolor TV. It is easy to find in search engines and it is almost always specified on a variety of securities in customers of the company.

  • On the website you need to find the section Payment.
  • There are ways of making the cash. In addition to plastic cards, this can be the payment system and some other options. You need to click on «Bank card».
  • After this icon appears, allowing you to Proceed to payment.
  • Here, as in the ATM, you need to get your ID out of the twelve or fourteen digits.
  • The result is displayed on the screen of the connected services from which you must choose the one that requires making a payment.
  • You want to print the amount of money to be written off.
  • Then specify the different data required by credit card.
  • Then there will be only select «Pay».

You cannot make a smaller amount than required by the tariff plan, but to pay forward, of course, no ban. This method of payment is especially good because for him there is no Commission.

the website tricolor

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