How to paint a car?

Only plain paper and pencil allow anyone to create almost anything. On the sheet you can draw all dreamed about, and everything that is already in your life. Of course, creating a beautiful figure is not the easiest process, especially if you’re wondering how to paint a car. Image highly detailed technique requires great experience and a huge amount of work, but anything is possible if you have enough time and, more importantly, perseverance.

how to draw a car

Preparatory markup

Unlike various elements of nature, the cars are quite distinct dimensions, their parts can be composed of perfect circles, and smooth lines. Technique can be measured, its real draw as a kind of drawing that is much easier than, for example, the image of a dancing person.

For starters, you need to make a layout. Taking a sheet of paper, it is necessary to determine approximately where it will be in the car. It is better to take the Central part, of course, if the car is not an additional element of the complex picture.

So, the center needs to conduct two parallel lines between which you need to leave a distance of about three inches. Then these lines need to be divided so that one side was slightly smaller than the other. For example, the left edge is 6 inches, and 8 right. After this over the original lines still need to run two almost the same, but the point is, they should form a small angle. After this first line can already clean.

figure 1

Then in the right pane using the rectangles represent locations for future wheels, and the limits of the right-hand wheel should be slightly outside the lines made in the previous step. Do not forget about the wheel on the other side of the machine. To finish marking the line of the roof, as shown in the diagram.


How to paint a car?

When a schematic drawing is complete, you need to start the processing of contours and detail. First create sleek shape of the bonnet and body, then you need to indicate the roundness of the wheels. When all the major lines will be carried out, you need to erase all the preparation, and schematic in a square pattern will begin to turn into a real car.


Then you need to continue to work on the wheels. It is understood that even experienced artists can draw a perfect circle, so you can’t push a pencil, not to create something that will not be able to erase.


You can then add the necessary details to the body, but also to paint glass and lights. Then you need to go back to the wheels and paint the rims. There are many types of drives, so you should start from, what kind of car is drawn.


To side Windows pririsovyvat side mirror, and add all the other elements that have the selected vehicle.

How to paint a car to make it look volumetric? To do this, enough to obscure its certain parts a simple pencil. If desired, you can also paint the car in bright colors, but to give the volume of this figure will be more difficult.


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