How to overclock the CPU?

Everyone wants their computer or laptop run faster, no matter how powerful he is already. As a rule, it purchased more modern components, but those who are wondering how to overclock the CPU, I want to know about other ways.

how to overclock the CPU

The concept of acceleration implies a performance increase of any elements of the computer. It could be the video card, RAM, CPU, and other components. There are a number of ways to increase performance without buying new hardware.

What you need to know about overclocking?

It would seem like to overclock the CPU, so if it is working at full capacity? In fact, manufacturers always leave about 20-50%, which you can later use. Many processors operate at a frequency 1,8, but it is easy to find information on what the maximum frequency is 3.0.

For many of these data becomes a call to action, but you need to remember a few main points.

  • Not every processor will be able for a long time to work in overclocking mode.
  • To increase the performance by 50% rarely. As a rule, the figure is 25%.
  • You can’t overclock unless the device is equipped with a powerful cooler, and better multiple. Hard work always leads to significant overheating.
  • Most modern computers do not need such manipulations. Many processors are equipped with an automatic system of acceleration, starting, if necessary.

If the computer does not meet your requirements, as a rule, do better to upgrade components as the following methods may not give the desired result. In any case, everyone has the right personally to decide whether to overclock or not.

How to overclock the CPU?

Most of these manipulations can be done through the BIOS. Anyone who wants to be able to move the operating system to carry out various settings to improve the performance of, must in advance know what it is, and how to find it. If such knowledge is not, then it is better to leave difficult to manipulate knowledgeable people.

In order to enter the BIOS, you must:

  • Start turning on the computer;
  • To start many times to press the Del button. In fact, just a single click, but in a very precise and short period of time, so it is easier just to click constantly;
  • This will open the corresponding window.

So, the BIOS allows you to increase the CPU frequency. Previously, such manipulation often lead to combustion, but today, in the event of improper installation, the system will automatically reset.

  • In the graph the CPU Clock you have to press Enter after selecting the value displayed.
  • After that, you need to enter the frequency of the bus. As a rule, it should not be increased by not more than 5-10.


It is also worth to pay attention to the increase in voltage. This will increase the stability at high frequencies, but it must be remembered that the computer must be equipped with a powerful cooler. It is also impossible to raise the voltage more than 0.3.

  • The process also occurs with BIOS.
  • It selects the count Power Bios Setup.
  • It is necessary to click on the Vcore Voltege.
  • For starters, you can change the indicator by 0.1. At this time, the cooler needs to operate with maximum power.


If, after the above manipulations, the problem appeared, all the settings can be very easy to lose. For that, again, need BIOS, which you will need to select «Load Optimized Default».

Features overclocking laptops

If you want to increase the performance of a laptop, then you can start to access the internal settings of Windows.

  • Using the start button enter the System.


  • From there, go to advanced Power settings and sleep mode».

additional options

  • In the window that opens when you click on «Show additional plans» select «High performance.

high performance

Also overclocking is possible again through the BIOS.

  • In the box you will need to find items which can be called as Power Bios, or Advanced.
  • In some devices, these sections would not. Similar means that overclocking this particular laptop can not produce.
  • Finding in the selected column points the CPU Bus Clock Ratio, it is necessary to increase their rate about 10-15%, not more.
  • After this it remains only to save the changes and exit.

If for cooling the computer enough to buy the cooler, the laptop is much more difficult. It is not excluded that as a result of acceleration, have to buy a special stand or to produce a full upgrade.

powerful processor

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