How to open the intercom without the key

What to do if you lost the key of the intercom? You can wait for someone to enter or leave the house and will open the door for you. You can call the neighbors and ask them to let you in to the entrance. And you can use the secret combination which is in each intercom. How to open intercom?


How to open the intercom without a key Visit)

Some of the most common models of intercoms are intercoms Vizit. This brand has a wide range of devices, is reliable and is constantly being improved.

If your staircase is such an intercom and you are left without a key, in order to open the door, you need to enter a code or combination to enter the menu of the intercom. There are several codewords, one of which exactly will fit your intercom system:

  • 12#345;
  • *#4230;
  • *#423;
  • 76#

If by entering all the combination, your door is not opened, you can try to use service menu. To do this dial #999. You will hear a sound. Now you need to dial one of the following combinations of numbers:

  • 0000 (four zeros);
  • 1234 (consecutive numbers 1 to 4);
  • 12345 (consecutive numbers from 1 to 5);
  • 9999 (four nines);
  • 6767 (twice 67);
  • 3535 (twice 35).

intercom Visit

If you are entering the correct combination, you will hear a single beep if the wrong combination of the two. For menu control provided for any of these combinations:

  • Click 2, after a pause, dial #, after a pause combination 3535. So, you will be able to get to the entrance.
  • Press 3, apply the key and press the # — this will add the appropriate keys.
  • If you want to remove all the keys you have to press 4.
  • To confirm your action, press #, to leave the menu – press *.

Intercom Cyfral

If the door to your entrance closed with intercom Cifral, then to open it you should find a marking on the device. If it is written the letter «M», the procedure will be as follows:

  1. Dial the following numbers 07054;
  2. Next, press the Challenge together with 41;
  3. In the end press Call — 1410.

If the number of apartments your home multiple of 100, you’ll like another version of the open intercom. To start, dial: key Challenge — No. your flat – Call, then enter one of the codes:

  • 7272 (twice 72);
  • 7273;
  • 2323 (twice 23).

Intercom Cyfral

To open some intercom this brand, you will need to use the menu. This can be done by entering the combination the Call four zero (0000). On your screen should appear ON. In this case, press the digit 2, which will lead to opening doors. If the display shows OFF, the intercom was recoded, and in this case to get inside you will not succeed.

Entry «Metakom»

If your door is intercom this brand you can try to open it using several different techniques. In most cases, to open the door can be entered in the menu. To do this, you need to dial without a pause: the call button and immediately the room first located in the entrance of the apartments. Then on the screen it is written «COD». Next you need to enter a combination of numbers 5702. Now the door opens automatically.


Intercom brand «Metakom» you can open using one of the following combinations:

  • 1234 — the call button — 6 – button challenge — 4568;
  • Button call – 1 – call button – 4526;
  • 65535 – call button – 1234 – button call — 8;
  • Call – 27 – button call – 5702.

Entry «Eltis»

Experts call intercom this company is one of the least protected. So if during installation specialists did not conduct the recoding of the door lock, you can open it by clicking the Call button in combination with the combinations of numbers twice 23 (2323) or 7273.

Entry «Factorial»

Devices of this firm professionals are called opposite some of the most protected among intercoms. This is due to the fact that before their set, the master must generate its encoding, which will make the opening of the intercom such methods impossible.


But still you can try to do so. Click on one of the combinations:

  • Combination of six zeros 000000;
  • A combination of consecutive numbers from 1 to 6 123456;
  • 5 – 180180 – button » call – 4 – call button.

If none of these combinations suits you, it means that your intercom system has been recoded and the only thing you can do to get home is to call the neighbors, or to wait for someone to enter or exit the entrance.

Entry «Keyman»

Manufacturers of intercoms of the brand does not advertise the possibility of opening their products without the presence of the key. However, there are several combinations to do this. Approximately 20% of the intercoms you can use this method:


  • Enter the following combination: K – 100 – pausing – dial 789. Waiting for the beep, type in: 123456 – pause 8.
  • Enter the following combination: K — 170862. Waiting for the beep, immediately press the 0 zero.

Feature door entry of this brand is the lack of screen and keyboard. Instead, they have an audio model. Typically, such devices are used in those buildings where there is a Concierge.

However, there is a method to cheat this system as well. You need a battery Krona (the battery D9-0,1). Look under the bottom panel 2 Felisberta to which you want to add prepared battery. After that, the door will open and you will be able to go inside.

Intercom «Damaged»

The opening of the intercom you should start with pressing the button and wait for the beep. When the tone sounds, dial without interruption the following figures — 669900. After you have entered this combination, remain, press the Call key. In conclusion, enter an apartment number, which in this entrance is the last, adding to the room unit (1).

Then the screen should appear F. Now press one of the combinations:

  • To open the intercom dial – 080;
  • To add to the menu enter key – 333;
  • To unlock the doors, press – 071.

Intercom T-Guard»

To open the intercom quite simply, if during installation it has not been reprogrammed. To open it press the «call-00000-call-call». Everything is pressed without a pause.

how to open the intercom without the key

Entry «Rainmann»

To open the intercom hit the button with the key image immediately without a pause enter the sequence 987654. After it is entered, there should be a double beep. To get into the service menu it remains to dial 123456. If done correctly, it will appear on the screen G.

Intercom Rainmann

Now you can start opening the intercom. To do this, select one of the buttons:

  • 4 if you need to block the opening of the intercom, but in this case nobody will be able to get in or out of the entrance;
  • 6 if you need to turn off the intercom completely;
  • 8 if you want to open the intercom.

It should be noted that to open the intercom in such a manner is dangerous, as it may be detrimental to his work.

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