How to MTS to MTS to throw the money?

To transfer funds from one account to another MTS is quite simple. For the convenience of the subscribers there are several ways to transfer money. There are different situations in which an urgent need to send money to another number, for example, to recharge a relative who is far away from the payment terminal. This article will answer the question which is worrying many, as with MTS to MTS to throw the money?

The first method. Team 112

This is the official service for MTS, which helps to send cash to other users. The Commission cost is 7 rubles. For example, you want to transfer the caller 81234567899 200 rubles. To do this, recruit a team, using the «star»icon.


When the team is completely dialed, press the call key.

Please note that when dialing phone can be used as an eight, and seven. You can specify the number at all without them, starting directly from the three-digit code of operator.

In response to this command will receive the sms message. It will contain a confirmation code. For example, you entered the code 1111. To use it, dialed *112*1111# and press onto the tube.

The transfer of money is successful under certain conditions:

  1. Your balance must be greater than 90 rubles
  2. The total amount of remittances per room per day should not exceed 1500 rubles
  3. You are able to transfer the amount from 1 to 300 rubles at a time
  4. One number of MTS per day will be permitted to transfer no more than 3000 rubles a day


The second method. Team 114

This method is also free, its price will be 7 rubles. The caveat is that this amount will take only the first transfer, the following will be without a fee.

So to regularly transfer money to other subscribers should dial:

*114*81234567899*1*200# — the specified amount will be transferred to the balance specified phone daily

*114*81234567899*2*200# the money will go to another subscriber weekly

*114*81234567899*3*200# for monthly transfers

After the «grid» press the call button.

As in the first case, then you will receive a message with the code 2222 for example. We confirm this code by dialing *114*2222#

Be superfluous to note once again that the team 114 provides for the automatic transfer of funds each day, week, or month specified subscriber.

To disable the service, dial *114*81234567899#

MTS funds transfer

The third way

The above methods are not suitable for all subscribers. Some need to send large amounts, others want to do the translation anonymously. You can use the various payment services:

For this service you need to pay a Commission that ranges from 3 to 5 percent. Limits on these services is quite high. You can transfer at one time 5000 rubles, and the daily limit is 15,000 rubles. To accept funds on its balance sheet in an unlimited scale.

Also you can transfer money on the website of MTS.

How to MTS to MTS to throw money

In 2013 started the project, gets people in the name of «the abolition of «mobile slavery». Thanks to this now impossible with the code of the operator to determine which cellular company serving the room. For example, the caller was the number of the Megaphone, but he moved on to MTS and saved the number. Using the payment services, should take this into account. The system can work properly.

Transfer money to other numbers is an important procedure, and each subscriber must be aware of how to do it with the lowest costs. Write simple commands 112 and 114 in the phonebook to, if necessary, to use them.

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