How to meet a girl original

How to meet a girl? This question is asked by single guys and men of different ages. No matter how many years the representative of the stronger sex, seeing an attractive girl or woman, he seems to lose the power of speech and is afraid that the answer will receive a denial.

how to meet a girl

Dear men, a weak half of mankind is waiting for your first step! Drop all the complexes and act boldly, after all, to find happiness, is not enough to sit and wait when you smile his Majesty the case! Places to explore a lot. To meet a beautiful stranger on the street, in a cafe, walking with friends, and, of course, the Internet. In short, the options are many, will describe several of them.

How to meet a girl on the street

How to meet a girl on the street and how to make the acquaintance had continued? For that, all you need to carefully consider if you want to get a girl at least a telephone number, be smarter, put some question that would force her to think and pay attention to you. Girls — good people, they will not be able to refuse a cute guy help.

acquaintance on the street

When meeting on the street remember a few tips. Try not to come back, not run and don’t scare the girl. Usually those who swoops in like a hurricane, very quickly get shot down. Don’t scream in her track, a decent girl will not turn out, and if you still turn their gaze in your direction, the chances are already zero. From the point of view of psychology, in situations when a man comes up behind a woman feels like a victim.

Better to approach the object from the front, it will give her the opportunity for you to consider before starting a conversation, a friendly smile if you ask her, she will be ready for it. Face-to-face and blocking her movement from the point of view of the same psychology, it remains nothing how to accept your rules of the game, they put it in the dependence. The main thing do not overdo it, it is not necessary to give passage to the girl, cut off, like half, it will create the feeling that if the situation gets out of control, she will easily be able to leave.

When the girl sees that she want to meet you, in her mind Matures many thoughts. It overcomes the innate feminine curiosity. Try to play on it. Girls are emotional people, give her a compliment or pick from the garden dandelion, do anything that may cause him a reaction. Like it or not, is another question, but it’s an emotion, and that’s what you wanted. If on her sweet face appeared smile or eyes shone, you hit the target. Now ask for the phone number correctly and turn away, saying that you have to go to school, work or somewhere else… Leave her with these thoughts, a woman’s curiosity and ability to dream will finish its work.

How to meet a girl in a cafe

How to meet a girl in a cafe? How to attract her attention? If you want to meet a girl for romantic relationship, then try to do it in a cafe or in a restaurant and not a nightclub as they are very dark and noisy. For starters, assess the situation, decide on the object of desire, watch, it is important to understand what purpose the girl came to this cafe. If it sits alone or in the company of friends, then act boldly.

Dating in cafe

To begin use the ability to ogle, try several times in a row a little longer to look at her. This will help to draw attention to themselves. Then, smile, cute and friendly, if she reciprocates, it is now possible to approach. Say Hello, ask permission to sit at a table, order something to drink.

Avoid alcohol, it is best tea or coffee, and juice. Usually in the cafe come to «grandmother flower» to impress, give his lady flowers, she will like it. If the dialogue started and you’re already talking like old friends, go to attack, but rather to tactile contact. Ask a girl to slow dance, but the innocent hug, barely touching her body. This will make the dance any private, gentle and a little passionate. At the end of the evening take her home, take the telephone number and ask permission to call.

Getting acquainted with the girls, be creative. But how to meet a girl original? Easy, if you possess any information about her interests, do what she loves. For example, if she romantic nature, gave her balloons, which you write with a marker your phone and recognition in sympathy.

How to meet a girl online

In our time boys and girls spend large amounts of time on the world wide web. The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. It is possible to order services and make purchases, communicate with friends and relatives who are hundreds of miles away and find their soul mate.

How to meet a girl online, this question is asked by many young people. The world wide web there are social networking sites and Dating sites that abound a large number of beauties. How can this abundance of female beauty to choose only one? Remember a few simple rules that will help to start a dialogue with a girl on the Internet.

online Dating

  • To begin to examine her page, read all the things that she wants to talk about themselves.
  • Formulate a few questions. Do not start acquaintance with banal monosyllabic «hi!» go with it girl, and do it correctly, without mistakes, she wanted to answer you. Show some sense of humor!
  • Try already in correspondence truthfully describe yourself and your Hobbies. Let your relationship end at the stage of correspondence than when you meet in real life.
  • Don’t be afraid of their thoughts, because they reflect your inner world. Why do you have a friend who doesn’t share your interests.

The modern youth loves to make communication in social networks. How to meet a girl in Contact? Yes, exactly the same as other Dating sites. Be original, came to her a virtual gift, grab you with his wit and positive communication, and who knows, maybe this way you will meet the one.

How to meet a girl on the phone

How to meet a girl on the phone and what to talk about? Acquaintance on the phone, probably the easiest way. She can’t see you, but you should be able a little bit to connect the words into sentences. If you ever see each other, it is easier for you. Girl at least will have an idea who she’s talking to on the other end. Use your brains, make her happy, and if she’s in the first five minutes didn’t hang up, the familiarity managed.

If the girl is not who she’s talking to, or you accidentally dialed the number and you to madness like the gentle voice in the tube that you have decided to get acquainted, then play the role of a mysterious stranger, a secret admirer, whom she charmed. Speak confidently, openly and with a sense of humor. Ask more questions, but tell me about yourself, you need to find a middle ground to the conversation is not gone. Remember that your goal is to ask her out.

Dating on the phone

Many guys think, «Where and how to meet a girl for a serious relationship?». The mass of options. It can be found in the bus, subway, at work, cafes, communicating on the Internet. Most importantly set a goal and start to get acquainted. If there are blunders, do not despair, it’s not your time, you should wait a bit, and you will definitely find your love.

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