How to marinate mushrooms

Marinated mushrooms will fit like a normal meal and holiday table. On the shelves you can find a huge variety of this product, but any woman wants to learn how to marinate mushrooms with their hands. After all, so they will be much more appetizing.

The mushrooms in the dish


For preservation can be used all edible mushrooms. But it is better suited to tubular types. After returning from the woods, should try the mushrooms in size and, because each variety has its own taste characteristics. An important step of soaking the mushrooms. You should consider the features of some types:

  • If Russula dirty from the leaves, so they don’t smash when you try to clean them, you should soak them in salted water. In an hour they need to be rinsed under running water.
  • The shaft and Milkmen need to soak for several days, and every 12 hours the water should be changed. So they leave toxins.
  • Other mushrooms should not be kept in water for very long, as they will absorb the excess fluid.


Shuffling mushrooms

Then you need to start cleaning. In some you must remove the skin from hats, to cut off the other leg, too large is recommended to be cut into several parts. After cleaning it is advisable to place the mushrooms in salted water (per liter of water – 1 tsp of salt). If some of the mushrooms were wormy, all the worms come out of them.


Marinating consists of two stages: the boiling of mushrooms and drains into a specially prepared marinade. They turned out delicious, you must consider the following points:

  • Mushrooms with a dense structure cannot be prepared together with soft hats. They have different cooking time.
  • Not all the mushrooms with a dense structure can be prepared in a single container. Mushrooms and aspen is prepared in almost the same time, and boletus stew much faster. So they should cook at the same time with soft types.
  • It is impossible that in the same pan cooked the mushrooms and aspen mushrooms. As a result, the mushrooms will change color and will not look unappetizing.
  • All the pieces should be of the same size. Therefore, it is not necessary to cook small and large hats together. In extreme cases, large mushrooms can be cut into several parts.
  • The flap mushrooms should be parboiled before cooking. In another case, the marinade can buy an ugly shade.

Ways of marinating

There are two variants of boiling of the mushroom caps to the marinade and separate from it. If you cook the mushrooms directly in the marinade, it will become stringy and dark, but will gain a spicy flavor and aroma. Adding the marinade to the already cooked mushrooms, they will look beautiful in the jar and on the table.

Cooking the mushrooms

To cook a delicious marinade, you need to take the following ingredients:

  1. liter of water;
  2. 1 tbsp. of salt;
  3. 1 tablespoon of sugar;
  4. half a Cup of vinegar;
  5. any spices: cloves, Bay leaf, garlic, black pepper, mustard.

Prepared mushrooms are placed in a container for cooking. It is necessary to prepare them to 10, removing the resulting foam. It is desirable to add half a teaspoon of salt and ¼ of vinegar to the mushrooms could not get botulism. Then mushrooms can be rinsed with clean water, or just place the skimmer in the marinade. Cooking at this stage should be another 15-20 minutes. After that, they perelivt into prepared jars, roll covers and cover to cool. And you can fully cook the mushrooms, then put them in jars and pour the marinade.

Marinated mushrooms

If you need a few years to keep canned mushrooms, add more vinegar and 50 ml of sunflower oil to each jar. In this case, containers need to be sterilized. And if the mushrooms will be eaten in the winter, then sterilization may be waived.

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