How to make Yandex start page

The majority of Russian-speaking Internet users to find the necessary information using the system Yandex. Among its advantages are high-quality search results, attractive appearance, a huge selection of services and convenience of the main page. To search engine has always been available, users interested in how to make Yandex start page?


The easiest way how to make Yandex start page

The developers have created a special application that allows you to set Yandex as a starting page. You can download it on the website Yandex. After downloading, the program will automatically change the home page on all browsers that you use. To do manually and to prescribe nothing.

If the application isn’t installed or you want to set your home page in a particular browser, you can easily do it manually.

how to make Yandex start page

Mozilla Firefox

To install Yandex as the home page in Mozilla Firefox you’ll need no more than 20 seconds. To begin, open a browser right at the top there is a Menu icon or 3 horizontal stripes. By clicking on these strips will appear a menu where you can see the settings presented in the form of gear.

At the beginning there is a clause «Main». Looking for the entry that says «When Firefox starts», where you have to select «Show my home page». We have to register the string «Home» page, in which you need to specify After you click OK, you will see that the home page will be established.

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome Browser?

The installation page that we want to make a starter, this browser is similar. Looking for top right 3 horizontal stripes. In the menu find «Settings» to enter this section.

On the opened page, you will find «appearance» and put a tick next to «Home page». To change the start page in Google Chrome, click Edit, then in the window that appears, write its address.

Google Chrome Browser?

Internet Explorer

Setting the start page in the browser – the process is not complicated. After its opening, we find at the top right of the image gear. After clicking on it you get a list of where to find the «Internet options».

In the window that appears is the General tab. At the top of this tab there is a field where you need to specify the desired start page ( Now we have to select «Start with home page» and click OK.

Internet browser

Opera Browser

The procedure of establishing the country starting in the same browser. In the browser you need to find the Settings. To do this, click on the Opera button located at the top left. Here find and select the item change settings. The same can be done by pressing Alt+P.

In the window find the «At startup» select «Open a specific page». By accessing the link «Ask page», enter the desired address of the start page.


Yandex Browser

Open the browser and press the right mouse button on the tab located on the top panel. You will open a menu where you need to «Pin a tab». Thus, each time you open a browser, we will load the main page of Yandex.

Yandex Browser

If after some time you decide to change the start page, simply click on the tab, right-click and select the option «unpin tab».

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