How to make three-dimensional snowflakes out of paper

Well, what New year without festive decorations at home or office? To do this, we decorate the Christmas tree, hang different tinsel, cut out snowflakes. But all this is trivial. To highlight your window, we suggest to consider how to make three-dimensional snowflakes out of paper. It will not take much time but will allow you to make an original decoration for your apartment.

How to make three-dimensional snowflakes from paper trade

Particularly impressive this snowflake will look if for the manufacture to use paper of different colors. In addition to 6 identical square sheets of paper, you will need:

  • a pencil with a ruler;
  • scissors;
  • to connect the individual parts that need glue, and a stapler with staples.

The procedure of production team surround snowflake following:

  1. Our team snowflake will consist of six identical parts. To manufacture each of the components need a stencil. To do this you have to draw a triangle with equal sides, where you need to draw 6 straight lines equidistant from one another. Between these lines should be at least 1 cm.
  2. A sheet of paper (preferably colored) square shape, fold in half, turning down it diagonally. So, before you will be an equilateral triangle.
  3. According to the obtained stencil, you need to make three identical cuts. Well, if you plan to make a huge star, cuts, respectively, will have to do more of.
  4. The square should expand and the corners of the small triangle to bond with each other. You can use glue or a stapler.
  5. In the next step, flip the sheet, fold and glue the corners.
  6. Again turn the sheet and repeat with the other corners.
  7. In conclusion, connect the corners of the large square. As a result, you will receive a layered icicle, which is one part of the future snowflake.
  8. Since our snowflake will be 6 such parts, then left to do the missing 5 and bonding them together with a stapler. You could not see the bracket, the inner tail tucks.
  9. The two halves are held together in a solid snowflake. To snowflake is not broke, it is necessary to seal the 6-point.
  10. Now we have to attach the tail, for which it would be possible to hang the snowflake in your chosen location.

Simple snowflake volume

In this case you need only 1 sheet of paper. The sequence will be like this:

  1. Cut out the square, fold in half, bending it diagonally.
  2. Several times bend the sheet and then cut so that it had the appearance of a leaf. At the edges, selecting the same distance, 2 perform incision.
  3. Expand its billet, its internal strips bend towards the center. The glue will help to bind.

Video instruction

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