How to make slime without borax?

The slime is a cute toy that can bring joy to a small child. It is available almost in every store for children. But why spend precious family budget when you can make fun of slime with their hands. Especially that homemade toy will no added chemicals — sodium tetraborate. The smaller the toy will get chemistry in the process of its creation, the better it will be for the child’s body. Because young children may not understand when to wash your hands, and that they cannot pull in the mouth after contact with a favorite toy. How to make slime without borax?

the slime without borax


For making slime without borax there are a few simple recipes. To put them into practice at home is quite real.

Lizunov, consisting of food starch and PVA

This recipe is a child’s toy so simple that it can handle even a child. Of course, all manipulations with not even the chemical components may only be carried out by adults or under their strict guidance. To create the slime from food starch and PVA glue need these substances:

  • Starch solution (250 gr.). This component must be in a liquid state. To do this, food starch diluted in warm water from the calculation of the ratio of 2: 1.
  • The PVA glue. This type of glue can be purchased in every hardware or stationery store. Need a fourth of the Cup.
  • Plastic bag of small size, which is sealed.
  • Dye. You can add food coloring or drop a few drops of brilliant green, or potassium permanganate, not to spend the extra money.

how to make a slime

As you prepare all the ingredients you can start making the slime. In a plastic bag and poured the solution of food starch, PVA glue and dye. The package is closed, and an airtight seal. Then the contents of the packet should be mixed thoroughly, shaking the liquid in a circular motion. When the mass is homogeneous, with half the kids must be removed from PE and placed in a dry, closed container with him have gone the excess fluid. After about a couple of hours the toy will be ready.

The slime from starch and water

Some parents are so protective of my children that cannot tolerate the presence of PVA glue in the composition of this toy. Of course, this type of glue is produced by chemical synthesis, and to call this ingredient completely natural — it is impossible. All the same PVA glue poses no threat to children’s health. If the goal is to create the slime only environmentally friendly, you can use the following recipe:

  • Food starch is dissolved in warm water in equal Pro rata.
  • Dye.
  • Preparing the container for its storage.

The slime from starch and water

Food starch is mixed with warm water and a dye, and then thoroughly mixed. When the initial mass, we need to form a round bead, which will become the prototype of the legendary slime. Of course, a toy consisting of water and starch, is not as elastic as we would like, but it can be considered fully environmentally friendly. It is suitable for young children. The thing to remember is that the more starch added, the more hard work toy. It should be kept in a special container with a lid, which will not get wet and extra inflow of air, otherwise it will dry out.

Make a toy out of PVA glue and baking soda

There is another interesting recipe by which you can create at home very realistic Lizunov, characteristics not inferior to store-bought. You will need:

  • 100 grams of warm water. In any case, you cannot use cold or hot water.
  • 50 grams of PVA glue. Be sure to pay attention to the date of manufacture. The adhesive must not be expired.
  • 15 grams of baking soda. This component is able to repay acid in the composition of PVA glue, thus, making the substance more dense, viscous.
  • Dye.

Make a toy out of PVA glue and baking soda

Preparing such a slime by mixing water, paint and glue in one container. After thorough mixing of the substances is added to soda. Then you need to continue to stir the mixture. In the end, it’ll make a great jelly toy. The entire procedure should be performed in rubber gloves, since after adding the soda will be a slight chemical reaction. People with sensitive skin may experience discomfort.

The slime from flour and shampoo

The imagination of the parents knows no bounds. Therefore, for caring moms and dads will not be difficult to learn another recipe on making fun of the kids at home. This home must be:

  • 15 grams of shampoo. Will fit any brand and type of detergent. In this case, the shampoo acts as a plasticizer of the mixture.
  • 100 grams of flour. It can be rye, wheat, corn or even pineapple. Variety is also irrelevant. Importantly, in its structure there were no lumps and specks.
  • Dye.
  • 100 grams of warm water.

The slime from flour and shampoo

Warm water is added to shampoo and dye. Then the sifted flour and warm soapy water are mixed until it forms a dough. Knead the future of the slime with your hands or a special device to work with the dough. The end result is a plastic toy in the form of homemade slime. In its properties it will be almost the same as the purchase in the baby store. The only negative of the slime from flour is that it leaves a greasy stain on the bright surfaces, with which handle not so simple.

Than a useful toy slime?

At first glance, a slime may seem absolutely useless fun that would be of no benefit, and the more meaning for the child. But actually this funny friend deeper. The slime develops fine motor skills in children. Every touch of your fingers before the toy is a mass of nerve impulses received from the endings to the cerebral cortex, and this toy and begged to be touched once again. The only disadvantage of slime, made at home is a small period of her life. The average toy lives of 5 to 10 days.

Thus, the licker for the baby is not only fun, but also stable, healthy development!

Video instruction

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