How to make raspberry jam?

Since ancient times, people cook raspberry jam. First, ripe, juicy berries gathered in the Sunny woods, then travelled home in the company of loved ones. Today, this process is quite different, but it didn’t disappear, so people interested in how to make raspberry jam.

how to cook raspberry jam

The potential benefits

Nothing surprising in the fact that this sweetness has become very popular. Raspberry jam is not only delicious, but also extremely useful. For example, in its composition contains salicylic acid, which is actively used as a means of heat and inflammation. For this reason, mother and grandmother always trying to feed children raspberry jam if they catch a cold. It is a kind of natural aspirin.

It is believed that raspberry has a positive effect on diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, like ulcers and gastritis. It is also rich in key vitamins such as A, E and PP. Their impact on health incredibly well.

There are composition and iron, known for its effect on anemia. It improves the blood-forming process. Copper, which is also in raspberries may act as a natural antidepressant, it also improves hair color.



Before you start cooking the jam, it is necessary to prepare all necessary. In the first place, it is, of course, raspberries. They should not be green or over-ripe. Ideal average fruit is very dark in color. Of course, it is best if the berries are collected independently, in dry weather, along with the stem. However, this, of course, not always possible. If the berries discovered the beetles or the larvae, they should be soaked in a salt solution, and then washed several times.

Long cooking occurred in large basins. A similar method can be applied now, but the dishes should not contain oxides of copper. Therefore, it is better to abandon copper and aluminum containers and prefer stainless steel.

You also need to prepare banks in which to store the finished jam. They need to be washed, and then the tank can be dried in the microwave.

stainless steel basin

How to make raspberry jam?

There are various ways in which produces a wonderful jam. The most popular is called «five minutes». Due to the small time of heat treatment of berries retained the maximum of useful properties.

  • Raspberry filled with sugar at a ratio of 1 kilogram of berries 1 kilogram of sugar. In this state, the future of the jam should stand for about five hours.
  • During this time, will separate the juice, which should be poured into a container and boil for about ten minutes.
  • The resulting syrup pour berries and bring to a boil over low heat.
  • When the jam boils, it will need to hold for about five minutes.

There is another version of the recipe that doesn’t require a long cooking.

  • For every kilogram of berries is filled with 1.5 kilograms of sugar.
  • All this is placed in the container, which will be further cooking.
  • Capacity is put in the refrigerator overnight, or for about ten hours.
  • Then content needs to simmer for about fifteen minutes.

How to cook raspberry jam to make a smooth, homogeneous mass? If you want to get this, and not some berries, you can use the following recipe.

  • For every kilogram of raspberries add 200 ml of water.
  • It all boil for three minutes.
  • While berry mass is cooled, it is rubbed through a sieve.
  • For every pound of berries put 400 grams of sugar.
  • After that, the mixture should boil again.

To determine when the jam is ready is by doing. Enough to drip a little on a plate, and if the liquid does not spread, then the process is complete. A great combination with raspberries create a red currant.


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