How to make paper claws

A lot of holidays such as Halloween, new year, carnival night, masquerade and other theme parties require bright costumes. To complement the image of the villain in the style of Freddie Kruger and other famous heroes of your favorite horror movies you can own, fashioned a believable and natural at first glance the claws. How to make paper claws from the comfort of home, consider the following.

How to make paper claws

The materials used

To create long, sharp claws and ominous will need the following materials:

  • Paper. The paper may be different – thin, thick, cardboard. Each variety of paper is different from the other pliability and durability. Office thin sheets are easier to fold and simple to use, but will last much less cardboard, which is in turn less pliable when working with it. The paper may be colored.
  • Line.
  • A simple pencil.
  • Office supply scissors or knife.
  • PVA glue (you can use silicate glue or pencil).
  • Scotch.
  • Paint, to give the claws a natural shade. To brighten white sheets, you can use acrylic paint or gouache.

Manipulating better at the table as a hard surface is needed to shape the future work.

Variations paper claws

Consider several options for the creation of a formidable accessory.

The first option

  • To get started we will need a sheet of paper square shape. When working with a standard sheet size (A4) it is necessary to remove it from the square sheet, drawing the source and cut off the excess with scissors.

bend a sheet of paper

  • Take the resulting square sheet and turn it in half (diagonally). This procedure will help to determine the Central line. To detect the line by dragging the pencil line from one corner to the other using a ruler.
  • In the case if the sheet were bent, roll out to the original square.
  • Bend the two sides of the square to the Central diagonal line marked earlier. Get a rectangular triangle.
  • The resulting triangle bend in half again.

bend in half again

  • The result is one dense triangle and using a simple pencil on the long side, fix the middle. On the opposite side of the triangle, find the vertex and note the segment from the initial point. According to the obtained cut lines bend the free part at the bottom.
  • Using the bottom part, go around her triangle with two sides and free edge of the refill inside. Straighten the resulting design and see the result.
  • Coloring ready nails in the desired color.

The second option

  • By measuring the circle of the fingers, and having defined the desired future length of the claws, take a sheet of paper and, starting from the data obtained, draw a triangle on it. At the same time, do not forget to leave allowances (approximately 5 mm) for bonding.
  • Cut out the pattern. It will serve as a template for creating the claws of thick sheets of paper. Transfer the dimensions of the template on cardboard and cut out the resulting triangle.
  • Draw a piece of paper into a cone and glue fluff free allowance (5 mm), glue.
  • Give the glue to dry and continue to work.
  • Cone spend two diagonal lines which divide the length into three approximately equal parts. With a sharp knife or scissors cut the design.

twist in a cone

  • Later in the same sequence to insert each part in the previous at a slight tilt and sizing. This will allow you to simulate bent at the joints of the fingers and astonishing naturalness. Allow to dry.
  • Apply paint for the claws, giving them a natural bone color. You can apply a red paint, imitating streaks of blood for drama.
  • Glue the claws on the gloves. This will allow you to feel more confident on holiday and to avoid the loss of the claw by careless movements.

The third option

  • Take a sheet of paper in the form of a square. In the case of using a A4 sheet, you must remove the extra inches, sheet bending and cutting.
  • In the curtailment of a square sheet we get a triangle with a right angle.
  • Received a right triangle add up diagonally.
  • The resulting triangle with two equal sides bend coming from the top of the diagonal one more time. For accuracy, the lower the bend point should be placed between the bottom sides.

formed by trimatic

  • Put the triangle pointed part to the left, note the line from top to bottom and draw a smaller angle.
  • Qualitatively ironed crease line and unfold.
  • The result is easily worn on the finger claw.

ready to claw out of paper

  • Coloring the resulting accessory.

The fourth option – emitiram Wolverine

  • Placed on the table a sheet of paper. Sheet must lie flat to humans.
  • Bend the sheet in half lengthwise to mark the line of the bend. Straightened.
  • The lower part also pay in half, leaving a free 5 mm. Straightened.
  • Part of the bottom folded in half and bent twice to the Central fold line indicated on the sheet.
  • The same manipulations hold with the second side of the letter.
  • On the one hand the obtained strip extreme tuck the corners down to make a triangle with a right angle (as when constructing a paper airplane).
  • Bend the two sides of the tuck again, simulating the tip of an arrow.
  • All well ironed fold line, that they imprinted on the paper. Unfold the folds and cut along the lines of stationery scissors.
  • Bend the remaining edge of the triangle and fold it in half. Glue the edges with tape.
  • According to this method, prepare three blanks.
  • Next, make a base. To do this, take an ordinary sheet of landscape and begin to twist it diagonally to get thick long tube. In the end, fix the tube with tape so that the sheet is not unwound.
  • One end of the resulting tube bends under itself 4 times, as if turning it. Fasten with tape to unwind. On the same principle prepare two identical tubes.
  • Three of the obtained workpiece (tube) held together with duct tape between them for a more comfortable hold design in the palms between his fingers.
  • Take preparation knives made earlier, and cut the edge wear on the tubes. Fasten the two blanks between tape. The procedure is done with two blanks. The result is three knives on the fixed base.
  • You can paint them, giving naturalness. Actual color is bone or steel.

Wolverine's claws

We figured out how to make paper claws for costume of the villain in different ways. Adding fancy way thought out accessory can make a sinister impression on others, leaving to delight holiday guests.

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