How to make jam from gooseberries

Gooseberries are not the most popular berry. It is believed that the biggest fans of gooseberry (aka Northern grapes, bersen, hoist, gooseberry, goose-berry) is a British. What English breeders have selected the most modern varieties, and cooks were taught to use gooseberries in sauces for duck and meat.

Today there are more than 1500 varieties, different in appearance (with feathering and smooth), taste (sweet and sour) and color of the berries, there’s even a thornless variety. But to become a steady supporter of the canadian origin of the berries is possible only after samples of jam: amber appearance and a different taste due to different additives. Not everyone knows that thanks to the passion of Catherine the great gooseberry received the status of «Royal berry», and a recipe for Royal jam has survived to the present day.

How to make jam from gooseberries

What kind of berries to choose?

By and large, berries for jam any good, but it is best to choose a small. The size of the berries does not matter, like color and edge. The berries need to pick and sort (due to the different taste), depending on the selected recipe of jam and method of preparation. And in any case the berries for jam are thoroughly washed, obsushivayut and purified from the peduncle and sepals (with scissors or with a knife).

The methods of cooking jam

The hosts offered such options of making jam:

  • Without the process of cooking with maximum preservation of all useful that contains gooseberry.
  • Without adding water – the process is time consuming, but the results are worth it.
  • With the addition of water – the brewing process a little easier and there are plenty of options thanks to the various additives.

recipe of jam from gooseberry

In any case, for jam use enameled or stainless steel spacious kitchen utensils. To make jam you can use kitchen gadgets: food steamers and even a bread machine.

How to cook jam from gooseberry

One of the most simple recipes for beginners or busy Housewives, is as follows: 3 kg of gooseberries, lemon 2 peeled and seeded 3 oranges and seedless, but with a zest, they are thoroughly washed, wiped and minced in a meat grinder (or blender) in a large enamel container. Five kilos of sugar pour in the mixture and mix well with a wooden spoon.

The last step is to cover the tank with cloth or gauze. During the day the jam will be to steep and it should be stirred up periodically. Ready jam must be expanded in sterile banks and close lids – metal or nylon. The advantage of this method is not only easy, but also that the banks under the nylon caps can be stored at room temperature.

the secrets of jam from gooseberry

There is another version of jam without adding water, but it will require a little more effort when cooking. In this recipe contains only sugar (800 grams for the sweet varieties and 1 kg for sour) and gooseberries kg. -1 Washed and cleaned berries to dry, a half Cup of berries ready to turn into a puree by any means, mash with hands, cut with a knife, use a meat grinder or blender. The whole gooseberry (whole and crushed) and place in a large container and cover with sugar. Two hours later, the berries very gently stir with a wooden spoon or spatula.

The next stage — direct the cooking. On a small fire to boil the jam for 15 minutes (after boiling). After cooling the jam to room temperature, again heat and boil 15 minutes. Then cooling and boil – after the third boiling jam will become thick. Now you need to quickly spread along the banks and close the metal lids, flip upside down and leave to cool cans.

Fans of fast preservation can try this recipe-five minutes: a mixture of 1 Cup of any fruit juice and Cup sugar heat on low heat, stirring constantly. Add the prepared, cleaned gooseberries 1 kg and bring to a boil. Once it boils, be sure to cover with a lid and continue to boil, or rather simmer the jam for 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally. Quickly expanded into prepared jars and close the lids, the jam is ready.

You can cook the jelly jam. All the ingredients are taken in the ratio 1:1:1, package gelfix, sugar, gooseberries. A bag of gelfix, or any other gelling agent drug type agar-agar, mix with two tablespoons of sugar and add the ground gooseberries. Mix thoroughly and put on a small fire. After boiling, remove from heat and add remaining sugar, stir and put back on the fire. After boiling, the jam is cooked for only 2-3 minutes, during this time, it will become transparent and thick, if you have time to remove the foam.

features of jam from gooseberry

For those who don’t mind hard work with berries recipe emerald jam. For him it is necessary to select large solid berries. Six cups of berries washed and cleaned gooseberries need with surgical precision make an incision and remove the seeds. Gooseberry put in a bowl layers, shifting the cherry leaves. After putting the last layer, pour in a bowl three cups of cold water. Eight hours to drain almost all the water and cook it to the syrup of the five cups of sugar. Pour syrup over the berries on the fire and bring to boil, five minutes to boil on medium heat. Spread along the banks and close the metal lids.

Royal jam

Royal jam is also for the fans to surprise the pet and guests. It is prepared with nuts. For this dessert you will need 1 kg of gooseberry, 1 cups peeled walnuts, three pounds of sugar, two cups of water and 10-12 leaves of cherry. Politely gooseberry and cherry leaves layers are stacked in a container and pour cold water to cover the top layer. After 8-9 hours the water is drained, and a for more walnut with a toothpick gently introduced into the gooseberries. Some hostesses remove the seeds and fill with a whole walnut shell gooseberries. In a separate large capacity is necessary to prepare sugar syrup and put it in there stuffed with berries. Cook on low heat for 6 – 7 minutes, remove from heat and after 5 minutes, spread into prepared jam jars.

There are plenty of options of jam from the gooseberries with various additives tart Saskatoon, raspberries, currants, one has only to venture out and start cooking.

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