How to make ice cream at home?

Who among us has not loved ice cream as a kid, and who doesn’t love it as an adult? Of course, many are thinking about the high calorie ice cream, but once you take the first bite – and such thoughts give way amazing the familiar scent. But if You invited the guests, and it is summer, what could be more appropriate with dessert? Learn to prepare delicious ice cream for yourself, surprise guests and yourself!

Ice cream

How to make ice cream at home?

You will need:

  • 1 liter of milk;
  • 1 Cup sugar;
  • 3-4 eggs;
  • A pinch of vanilla sugar.

Natural ice cream home

Preparation of ice cream with your hands is not very difficult, however, you should remember some important points: if they do not comply – the ice cream will turn out not exactly as I wanted. For example, milk is better to use homemade or store-bought-with the largest percentage of fat and eggs only do the yolks. Homemade milk need to boil before you start cooking, but it ran away — brush the edges of the pan with butter.

And so it begins! The algorithm of preparing the following:

  1. Wait until the milk has cooled, and pour it in a glass or enamel pot. Add less than half Cup of sugar and put on a moderate heat. Note: milk need only be warmed, in no case do not boil again! To warm milk
  2. Break the eggs carefully separate the yolks and beat them with sugar until the mixture whitens. Pour in a little warmed milk and stir. Beat the yolks with sugar
  3. Pour this mixture into the saucepan where you heated the milk and reduce heat. Put a pinch of vanilla sugar, the main thing – do not overdo it.
  4. Constantly stir so that the eggs don’t curdle. The mixture should thicken and become a custard. As soon as it starts to bubble, take the pan from the heat.
  5. The cream needs to cool a little, then places it in Tupperware and put in freezer. Accessories for making ice cream
  6. After half an hour, take the cake and mix well. The procedure is repeated every 30-45 minutes until the ice cream hardens completely. The presence in the house special ice cream eliminates the need for regular mixing.

Depending on the quantity, the ice cream freezes for 6-9 hours. After this time expires, can you get it out of the freezer, and sort through the vessels. A great dessert is ready and serve it on the table. Your guests and family will love the Goodies!

Some cooking tips

No matter where You were holding prepared ice cream in the freezer or the freezer – you should always adhere to certain principles and practical advice. Here are some of them:

  • If not using ice cream maker is aware of the need for constant stirring every 30-45 minutes until complete hardening of the ice cream. This is a key moment in the cooking process.
  • When using ice it should be cool before you put back the weight. Freezer
  • Do not skimp on good ingredients for the ice cream here is inappropriate! Buy the milk, beautiful eggs, and for filing a dessert – fresh fruits and berries, quality supplements (whipped cream, chocolate, different toppings). Not regret spending a bit more, but in return receive a dessert with a truly unique taste!
  • Stop thinking about that ice cream will hit the calories in your body. After all, if it is prepared from skimmed milk, You will feel like in your mouth crunch of small icicles. Think about whether You want your guests to enjoy this dessert, and you will agree that it’s better not to depart from the classical formulation due to their bias. Flavoring for ice cream
  • Flavorings and extracts are added to the already cold ground, before placing in the freezer or the ice cream parlor. Chocolate, fruit, nuts and other Supplement form almost frozen ice cream; they also must be in the refrigerator. Whipped cream and toppings dessert poured immediately before serving.
  • When stored in the freezer to avoid the formation of ice crystals is impossible, but minimize it by adding alcohol sweet liqueur or plain alcohol. But it is for adults. Ice cream for kids with this purpose put honey, gelatin or corn syrup.

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