How to make fall in love with a man

What could be worse than unrequited love? It gives women the longing and makes life joyful moments. Every girl would like to know how to fall in love herself a man. Any woman can conquer any to her. Just follow the simple rules and be patient.

How to fall in love

Secrets of style

So, you’re in love, and he’s not paying attention? Not a problem, this problem must be addressed. First, let’s remember that the most important is your appearance. Look through your closet, eliminate from it the outfits baggy old jeans. Even if they like to enjoy. But the elect like you more than pants, right? So buy a few new dresses that you will look sexy. A man wants to see next to me held a woman and not a teenager in sportswear. The famous saying that people meet on clothes, not lying.

Also make sure that he didn’t see you in sneakers or sneakers. Shoes is valid on men hypnotically. High heels will give you the slim, form-fitting boots with heels are of genuine interest.


To please a man, you need to be one hundred percent woman. Don’t forget about cosmetics and always make a perfect hairstyle. Don’t miss the sight of a manicure. Manicured hands – this is your trump card.

The man doesn’t necessarily know about going to a beauty salon. You have to create the illusion that your beauty is natural. Let him think that I was just not making any effort.


Secrets of communication

Once you have put in order their appearance, start to do the cleaning in my head.

Remember, men are attracted to mystery. So do not tell beloved his whole biography, since stories about kindergarten and school. Talking about some facts, making only a hint of them. Men like to solve puzzles.


Never be sad and do not cry in his presence. Let the man always sees your happy face lit with a Sunny smile. He fell in love, you must become a beacon of light to which it will reach in moments of sadness and longing. Nobody wants to see next to a melancholic personality that is willing to get hysterical about. Be friendly and calm. Become for him a companion who will always listen and support.

Don’t forget about the sense of humor. If you can amuse your husband, then consider that half the work is already done. Avoid dirty jokes and political jokes. Choose a neutral topic for humor.


How to win him over?

Make unobtrusive compliment, praise of the elect. Psychologists have found that the sound of my own name Willy-nilly makes a person sympathetic to the other party.

Be interested in her life, remember the small details in the conversation. A man will appreciate it. Praise of his friends, and if they get you in trouble, never talk about them.

Find common ground, perhaps you have a shared hobby. If your interests do not coincide, make sure that the situation has changed. Read the book, which he was interested. View series, of which he mentioned in the conversation. So you begin to communicate on General topics and become closer.

The conversation

If a man will understand that you want to win, then he can push. Courtship and love all compliments, but if you act very quickly, it won’t do any good.

Make sure that the chosen one thought that prey is you, not him. After all, men are hunters by nature. Don’t call him too often. Do not write long messages, better answer briefly, but do focus on what topic you will discuss at the meeting.


He will want to see you again and soon, he will not notice, how will fall in love with you.

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