How to make an envelope from paper with your own hands?

To buy an envelope, of course, will not be easy. But they are all standard and monotonous. There is a solution – you can do it yourself. If you decided to someone to congratulate or just to send correspondence in an original way, you need to learn how to make envelope out of paper?

envelope your hands

How to make envelope out of paper – select materials

Deciding to make the envelope with your hands, you need to start with the preparation of the required material. For this fit an ordinary office A4 paper, paper for wrapping, colored paper or cardboard, pieces of Wallpaper, etc.

Decorate it with ribbon, sequins, buttons, beads, beads, lace, artificial flowers and other decor. You can also use the basic drawing technique of decoupage or applique. In this case, still need to prepare pencils, crayons, markers, paper of different colors, glue, scissors, compasses, ruler, etc.

the envelope

Prepare yourself job that should be well publicized and be comfortable. All the materials should be available and to be within reach.

Make an envelope from office paper A4

Such options create envelopes for letters is the simplest in manufacture and to make them is not difficult, even children.

A regular envelope

Ordinary envelope for letter Source:

To make a simple envelope should be according to the following scheme:

  1. A sheet of paper placed on a flat surface horizontally.
  2. At the top right and bottom left are measured for 7.2, see
  3. From the projected points to the opposite angle to hold a straight line.
  4. The resulting clipped triangles.
  5. Received a paper figure, turn to yourself so that it had the appearance of a diamond. In this form puts the sheet in front of him.
  6. The sides are bent exactly at the midpoint.
  7. In the next step the upper and the lower after side bend to the middle.
  8. It remains only to glue the envelope, not forgetting to leave the tab to the inside you could put my letter.

Square envelope

Square envelope

The procedure of manufacturing the envelope:

  1. A flat sheet of paper is a square shaped fold neatly horizontally and vertically.
  2. Both of the opposite corner, gently bend toward the center, turning down, so that both sides of the bends were identical.
  3. The lower the angle you need to bend forward. And the envelope is ready.

Make a envelope-origami


For this envelope we need to take a sheet of paper cut in the shape of a square, then:

  1. Put it in front of him so that he had the appearance of a diamond. Fold it in half. If done correctly, you’ll have a smooth triangle.
  2. The upper side of the resulting triangle to bend towards the bottom.
  3. Right angle bend, turning down it to the center.
  4. Similarly fold the left corner.
  5. Slightly open that corner so that would fit the finger.
  6. You have a pocket into which to insert the angled top.

Make a square envelope with beautiful rounded edges

envelope with beautiful rounded edges

For its production take a flat sheet of paper, leaving in the middle of the square. Next:

  • Using the compass and scissors, make the lateral parts are smooth, rounded tags.
  • Information collected from you after cutting the tabs to bend towards the center.
  • We get the original beautiful envelope.

Make an envelope from a heart

Make an envelope from a heart

This option is quite simple to manufacture and does not require bonding. Just enough to smooth all of his bends and it will be closed. But when the recipient opens such a message, he can see the heart. Write a letter you can even just turn on the envelope. How to do it:

  1. First you need paper sheet to cut out the heart. In order to be symmetrical, fold the paper in half and cut a heart contour, focusing on one part. After deployment, before you will be smooth to the heart.
  2. Put your heart on the table face down.
  3. The sides must be carefully folded towards the center and fold.
  4. The rest of the parts at the top and bottom are also bend towards the middle.
  5. Envelope-the heart is willing.

These are the most common methods of making envelopes. But using your imagination you always can come up with something different. Each of these envelopes can decorate originally issuing his message.

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