How to make bracelets out of rubber bands

Rubber bracelets are gaining popularity at an insane rate. Bright kits for weaving draw your attention in stores? You want to have unique jewelry hand made by yourself? So, it’s time to learn how to make bracelets out of rubber bands. Let’s get to work.

Where to start?

The standard set includes a small number of colored rubber bands, clips and hook. Newcomers better to start with such a simple set. Great organizer with lots of accessories to create bracelets you can buy later when the basics are mastered.

Weave bracelets on fingers

While the hook you do not need. To understand all the subtleties of making bracelets from rubber bands, try to weave your first product on your fingers.

Take 3 solid gum, first place on the index and middle fingers in a figure eight. The other two are worn on the fingers to avoid twisting. Then the lower gum drop with both fingers, keeping the order. To do this, hold it over the edge. So the bottom elastic band should take the form of a loop.

Weave bracelets on fingers

It’s time for the fourth rubber. It, like others, twist is not necessary. A figure eight we are only in the first instance. Take the elastic over the edge and flowing through the fingers. As a result, you will «fishtail».

Weave bracelets on fingers

A simple algorithm repeat until, until you get the bracelet the right length for your wrist. The ends are fixed with clips that are attached to the set. The first eight» should be cut and removed.

Weave bracelets with a hook and slingshot

Plastic device for the manufacture of bracelets was called «slingshot». The hook resembles a regular knitting tool. If you have mastered the method of manufacture of jewelry on hand without auxiliary means, then with a slingshot and crochet things go faster. The principle of weaving is the same as in the first case.

This time you can take 25 gum of one color and 25 of another. For example, it will be yellow and black. Take the yellow gum and put it on a slingshot in the form of figure 8. Then put on a black elastic band to deform it is no longer necessary. Then again, there is a yellow gum. Remove the loop from the column of the slingshot on the right is placed in the middle. Also remove the elastic from the other side. Put gum four.

Weave bracelets on the slingshot

Repeat the algorithm as long as the decoration does not reach the required length. The ends of the product fasten clasp.

Weave bracelets on the machine

If you learned how to make bracelets on your fingers and use the hook and slingshot, it’s time to improve their skills. In other words, you are now ready to weave jewelry on a special machine.

This device will open for you the wide horizons. Now you can make bracelets with different patterns. Surprise your friends with a unique design of their jewelry!

To make a bracelet using the machine, pull the rubber bands on the column. First rubber needs to be twisted. The rest — no. Remove the side bands and placed in the middle. You have already obtained the familiar fish tail.

Bracelet W gumok

There is another way to weave this pattern on the machine. Put the first rubber band diagonally on the wedges, the second rubber ring is put so that its beginning coincides with the end of the first elastic. Place the silicone ring so the entire length of the machine. You have a bright zigzag.

Now take the hook and grab the second rubber band to move it on the rod on which it is stretched. As a result, you close the loop.

Yak weave bracelet and

When all the loops are closed, attach it to the end of the bracelet in the clip and remove it from the machine. The decoration is ready.

Remove the bracelet

Experiment and make beautiful bracelets for yourself and friends.

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