How to make a shuriken out of paper?

Modern lovers products are interested in how to make a shuriken out of paper. To answer this question, we need to understand the technology build out of paper or newspaper sheets. In recent years, among the needle has become very popular origami is the traditional Eastern direction in the folding of various figures from paper.

technology origami

Technology origami

In itself, origami has come from Ancient China, where initially this kind of skill could deal only with aristocrats. It was thought that representatives of the upper class must master the technique of folding paper. Its wide development of origami received in Japan. Only in the twentieth century, this art became known in Europe and America, whence they moved to our countries. This area immediately became very popular and found their fans.

Standard origami folded from one square sheet of paper. In this case no additional items – scissors, glue, a ruler is not used. The current origami allows for the use of these items.

shuriken out of paper

Probably each of us in childhood was ordinary airplane. Yes, it’s origami. The trend of modern origami has several varieties of this art.

The types of origami

For a long time, origami has undergone many changes and now, in addition to the classic folding paper figures, we can distinguish various alternative ways of creating origami.

  • Modular origami. Quite complex but very beautiful origami. The figurine is assembled from different parts, which are identical in form, but may differ in color paper. Each module of shapes consists of the classic version – from a single sheet of paper. Ready-made modules can be round, square, triangular, or irregular shapes. When connecting modules not used thread and glue.
  • Easy origami – kind of Assembly for beginners. In this view, the methodology used for the «mountain folds and valley». Attached you will find the minimum effort, so that technology will be clear for beginners and people with limited physical skills.
  • Pattern (folding on the scan). It is the origami folds on the drawn drawing. Perhaps this kind of may seem complicated, but the result can be very beautiful models. When tracing use a special markup.
  • Wet folding. The founder of this direction – Japanese Akira of Yoshizawa. This technique uses a water-dampened paper, through which it is possible to reproduce any geometric shape. For wet folding fits thick paper, which is adhesive. When soaking, the paper becomes pliable, it can mold the necessary figures, and when drying the glue does not allow to disintegrate the finished origami.
  • Quilling. One of the varieties of work with paper, which is the scrupulous curl thin strips of paper and then gluing to the canvas. This technology allows you to create an entire picture.
  • Kirigami. It is quite a complex and painstaking work with the paper. In creating an object uses a pair of scissors, so the resulting figures obtained unusual and very beautiful.
  • Minigame. Variation of origami involves the use banknotes instead of conventional paper. Of money it is possible to create various figures, which are very unusual. Minigame can be a good gift on any occasion – beautiful and a cash gift. If necessary, the celebrant can disassemble the unit and use the money to meet your needs.

What is a shuriken?

If you don’t know how to make a shuriken out of paper, it is better to view step by step instructions for making this origami.

what is shuriken

To begin to understand what is a shuriken? Shuriken – this is a classic example of origami. When composing a paper, you can get a kind of star, very similar to the ancient weapon of the samurai. In Ancient Japan the samurai the metal shurikens, holding in his hand. Battles throwing » star acted as an additional weapon, but often saved their owners. This metallic mini-gun was flat with sharpened rays. The shuriken had a rounded shape with 4, 5 or 8 angles.

In the modern art of the shuriken is not a weapon as it is made out of paper – white or colored. This is a beautiful quick origami that is so loved by today’s students. After all, paper shuriken can hold competitions, whose product will fly farther or to arrange a real battle, in imitation of the Japanese samurai.

The Assembly technology of the shuriken

We need two album sheet assorted colors and scissors.

Let’s start:

  • By bending the sheet on the diagonal, cut the excess piece of paper so that when deployed it creates a perfect square.

square of paper

  • The resulting square folded in half. A classic rectangle.
  • Bend the two halves of the sheet to the center. Should be a narrow rectangle.

the process of creating a shuriken

  • In the figure bent one corner down, another one up. It turns out a box.

bend the corners

  • The resulting bend angles to the center. The shape resembles the letter S.
  • Take the second sheet of paper and performed all the steps, bending angles in the mirror.

the process of creating a shuriken

  • Take the resulting parts and interconnects. It turns out the figure of an irregular geometrical shape resembling a swastika.
  • Make details, tucking the corners of one part into the gaps of the other.

refillable corners

  • If you are afraid that poorly secured edge of the shuriken, you can take the brush with glue on the corners of the product.

connect the corners

  • Shuriken ready.

Can do a few more pieces and play with the child at the ninja, throwing shuriken at your imaginary opponent. When the «war games» you get bored, you can compete, whose shuriken will fly further. To do this, hold origami a hand and a circular motion to launch a shuriken forward. If that does not work, put an asterisk on the bent left arm and the flick of a finger of the right hand start it in flight.

ready-made shurikens out of paper

As you can see, nothing complicated in creating origami shuriken no, this task can handle even a beginner.

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