How to make a screenshot on your computer?

Not everyone of us are well versed in the computer hardware and the operating system, so in case of problems it is better to consult knowledgeable person. And if he is not near You? In such cases it is necessary to know the error information on the screen of the computer or laptop, and now the smartphone can be zaskrinit and send. Speaking properly is to take a screenshot, that is a photo of the display. There are several ways to make a screen.

For virtually any operating system

This method will work on even the oldest versions of Windows — 95, 98, XP. On the keyboard of any computer or laptop there is a button Print Screen. Sometimes it is possible to find immediately, then you need to look for the inscription Insert, under it in small print it says Prt Sc. This option is more common on a truncated laptop keyboard. It’s this button «take pictures» screen. Press it when the display is unclear or need information. Up to the moment the picture is saved, it is in the clipboard. If you make another screenshot, the first be deleted. Remember that!

special key PrintScreen

Need to open a graphics editor is generally used a standard program Paint. In the photo this editor. The image is inserted with Ctrl + V or from the top menu by pressing the icon «Insert», or in the same menu icon «Select», you need to put the cursor on the screen (canvas), right-click, choose «Paste». The image obtained can be processed to crop, enlarge and reduce the size, draw arrows to explain. Then save the picture, through the picture of a floppy or menu – Save as… here you can choose image format – jpg, or other. The file will be located in the selected folder.

Programa Paint

At the same time if you press Print Screen + Alt, then sasanide only the currently active window. In the above image it shows.

For Windows 7,8,10 & Vista

Program Scissors

In these versions there is a good standard app – Scissors. It is way simpler than the first method, and more convenient because you can select the required region is at least one line of text. Find the program via start menu – Standard or search in the same menu. In the frame that appeared, click on the «Create» button. To save click the floppy or menu – Save as – select folder.

Third-party program

These programs should be used when the operating system is not suitable (e.g. not working). Further pictures of examples of these programs.



The program requires registration, photos can be saved on the server on the PC’s hard drive and send via FTP and copy to the clipboard. Please note that the full screen shot can be downloaded to the server only, gallery, profile, or share a link to its location. On the disk and in the buffer the program will not save! To use, click the button «Fragment», to select the area. On the side will appear a toolbar (by the way, it is possible to add explanations), and the bottom – ways to save the image.

Another simple utility — Hot Key Screenshot

Hot Key Screenshot

This application is simpler than the first and requires no registration. Its pluses are the opportunity to choose a key for the execution of the display screen and the quality indicator, that is, in what resolution to store the picture.

At the same time there are also disadvantages:

  • the screens of the screen can only be stored in the same folder as the program itself;
  • the program uses only the format .jpg.

The output from the program is simple – click on the icon in the system tray, or if it’s her on the «Exit»button.

That’s all there is to know about the screenshots!

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