How to make a presentation on computer

The presentation is called graphic or visual demonstration of the report or story. For its production use pictures, videos, music, graphs, charts, etc. Including mini-movies, usually accompanied by advertising of products or services, lectures and other reports. Therefore, if you have to speak in public, it is recommended to learn how to do a presentation on your computer, which will help the public perception of the information offered.

How to do a presentation on the computer what program to use

Almost every computer or laptop have Microsoft Office installed, among which the Microsoft program Power Point. Thanks to the convenient menu and simple design, everyone will be able to make it a required set of files (video or image).

In addition to Microsoft Power Point, there are other programs that allow you to make a presentation on their own computer.

Among them, the most available are:

  1. Kingsoft Presentation. The developers offer free or paid version of the program. The only drawback is the lack of version in the Russian language. But, if you are familiar with English, the problems with the work you do will not arise. Drawing program very similar to Microsoft Power Point, so you will easily be able to navigate in it. But even if you don’t know any English, but has previously created presentations in other programs, so ignorance of the language does not become an obstacle. Moreover, in the Internet you can find different translators that will help you to understand the options. Of course, the paid version will give you more options, but enough for those that offers a free option.
  2. Corel Show. This program is part of the Corel package. The program is paid, but the cost of it available. Design Corel Show similar to Microsoft office programs. Of the features include: the ability to sync with Dropbox file storage and the fact that some features only become visible when there is an opportunity to use them.

Which program to choose – the private affair of each user. Consider how to do presentation example Microsoft Power Point because everyone will be able to find it on PCs equipped with intuitive menu and control panel, which will not cause you difficulties.

The creation of the presentation

Before you start working with the program and create a new presentation, open it. Clicking on the «start» button locate the «All programs». Here you will see full list installed on your computer programs, find Microsoft Power Point. Clicking on it will open the start screen.

The beginning of the creation

To start creating the presentation in the start window select «File» and item «Create». Double-clicking on «New presentation» you can start work.

Create slides

You’ll see the standard form, in which you can create slides. At the top left you can see the «new slide» clicking on the icon, you can view its schematic representation. Here you can select one of the formats best suited for your requirements, slide, unfold, and it can be edited. You can fill in the required fields, insert images, videos or graphics. To do this, click on the center of each of the possible inserts including:

  • drawing from a file that is installed on the computer;
  • multimedia clip;
  • SmartArt — drawing;
  • illustration;
  • diagram;
  • table.

To deal with each item, hover over it and read the explanation. Select the appropriate option, follow the prompts of the program. To understand the procedure very simple.

All the created slides will be displayed to the left, so if you need you can always return to a previously created and edit it.

Design change

The software allows you to change the font or background of a slide. To do this, find the tab «Design». It is located at the top. After clicking on it you will see all the available styles. Select one and click on it to view the design. Please note that all slides should be made in the same style or similar, so as not to scatter the audience’s attention. To any background was assigned to a slide, select it in the left side, pointing. After pressing the right mouse button, a menu will appear where you need to choose «Apply to slide». Here you can change the font, style and other effects.


This feature allows you to add or change different animation effects. This will help to attract and focus the audience’s attention on a certain writing or other presentation element. To do this, select «Animation» and the slide where you plan to add. In the panel find the area of animation» and that part of the slide where it is needed. The panel will become active and it will be possible to choose what suits you best. Then in the corner on the left, specify the time in seconds that it takes effect, and click the generated slide where it needs to be applied.

The transition between slides

To have your presentation turned out the most spectacular and memorable, to advance slides offers the use of a variety of special effects. To do this, in the home tab, locate the «Transitions» where you can choose one of the types of transition. To do this, set the required tab in the «Settings effects», including the sound and the turnover of slides. To apply all that you have chosen, just click on the icon you want.

We have considered the key points of making presentations on the computer. Although each program has much more features. The main rule when creating any presentation, should be used to the extent that the viewer can focus on the information and not be distracted by the bright pictures.

Video instruction

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