How to make a phone out of paper?

The paper gives a person a wide scope for creativity. It is possible to write notes and poems, you can create a variety of patterns, and you can use it as key material for creating objects. For example, many wonder how to make a phone out of paper?

how to make a phone out of paper

Of course, there are many options to create these products. It all depends on what goal the person is pursuing and that he expects to receive as a result. For children’s creativity suitable and simple drawings of the phone, but if you need something more like reality, you have to exert more effort.

The first option – cut

One of the most popular phones today is the iPhone. Many people want to at least pretend that they have it, or make fun of someone with such a homemade smartphone.

How to make a phone out of paper to make it look like an IPhone? It is very simple. The Internet presents a huge number of templates smartphones. You can easily find almost any model and also pick up a version of another brand.

Select the template you want, the person will only have to print it out, cut, and then bend at the marked lines. After this you need to glue the edges, and the paper phone will be ready.

If you need a little more close to reality model, you will have to exert more effort. First, the printed pattern is best to stick to the cardboard to make your phone more bulky. Besides, inside you can put any size corrugated cardboard. By the way, this material is best suited for the creation of such products.

phone from paper

The second option is a cardboard model

Armed with cardboard, you can simulate any simple phone, in particular, options from the eighties. For such products you will need :

  • corrugated cardboard
  • the glue that is able to cope with the basic materials
  • scissors
  • pencil and any other equipment for decoration and detail of future apparatus.

To begin with, made of corrugated cardboard you need to cut two of the same tube, which will form the side of the phone. You will also need the rear part and the housing, on which are buttons.


The back part should be flat, but longer and widerthan the side. Stick to her first two piece, and the distance between them should be sufficient for the front but not very wide, so it does not sink in.


When the model dries, it will be possible to trim off the excess cardboard, stands on the sides. If you want to add to the phone antenna, you can use a toothpick or any other suitable material. Wand need to wrap the tape and glue to the top of the phone.


To the part where will be a button, well and evenly held, inside the structure you can insert multiple rectangles. They will maintain the width of the phone.


You can then glue the other parts of the future of the tube. Then just have to add it to different elements. Buttons you can just draw on cardboard and you can cut and paste from above. Also, the product can be colored and add other necessary details.

paperovi phone

How to make a phone out of paper?

Toy phone with the dial can be made of a cardboard base and a plastic cover. Suitable option from under cheese or any other product – is important that it be easy to work and to fit size.

  • For the main part of the phone you will need corrugated cardboard, parts cut from this template. They need to glue them together, thus creating a case.


  • Cover you need to glue paper on top and edges. Part to bend inward, so that both sides were covered with paper.


  • In the lid is necessary to make a hole with a diameter of about 1 centimeter, and also a small hole for attaching to the main part. If the cover is too light, from the inside you can glue a few small stones.
  • The middle hole is inserted a screw, then it is joined by a small circle of cardboard and 2-3 cm in diameter. All this is attached to the housing.


  • On the housing, under the holes, you need to write the numbers.


  • In the upper part of the phone to insert the wires that will support the pipe.


  • Then you need to stick to the body side panel. They also need to insert something that will be a cord tube. You can use a tape.

side part

  • After that you should glue the cardboard tube to attach to her belt and put it on a stand on the case.


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