How to make a paper sword?

Who has not dreamed to feel yourself a medieval knight, a Spartan, or perhaps a pirate? Many such images is impossible without the sword, and by imitation, not to mention the present, it is difficult and expensive. So often the question arises about how to make a paper sword?

how to make a paper sword

From simple to complex

There are numerous ways to transform sheets of paper in though not lethal, but weapons. For someone to be just enough to draw a sword and then cut him. However, in order to received the product it was possible to play or at least to be photographed, will have to exert a little more effort.

There is a fairly simple way to create a sword out of paper, and, although he will not be so very much similar to the real, but games are fine.

  • Would need a sheet of fairly heavy paper. Can be used as normal white, and also black.
  • From the sheet you need to cut approximately one-quarter.


  • Both pieces fold into the tube, and a large length and small width.


  • Then they are added together, forming a cross. They need to seal with tape. It is best to use a color, any color to paper. Although, in the case of a white sheet, suitable and conventional.


  • The end of a long tube must be compressed, and then cut two pieces so that it escalated.


  • The tape will help solve them. This sword is completed!

sword of paper

How to make a paper sword?

If you want something more close to reality, you will need templates or schemas. In particular, you can use papercraft. On specialized sites spread the finished color schemes, which can only print and then glue using the included instructions.

The schema and templates can also significantly vary in its complexity depending on the number of parts. It is necessary to consider how to make a paper sword-style of the Spartans.

  • He will need a special template, which is easy to find online, but the details really and create their own, based on the image.


  • After all items are printed or painted, they need to stick together to get the finished shape.
  • Then this form is put on a piece of cardboard or heavy paper. It is used as a stencil, thus obtaining a new form, more durable. These forms have to do three. If the material is not density, it may be more than three layers.


  • First, layers are created for printing blade, then the handle. For arm, usually requires four cardboard clippings.
  • Then all the layers are glued together. First a blade, then the hilt.


  • Then you need to attach the wire to the center of the blade starting from the tip and moving to the handle. Same is done from the other side.


  • Then remains only to paint the sword.

paperovi sword

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