How to make a paper firecracker

New Year is the long-awaited event, which is customary to prepare in advance. Many adults and children cut out paper snowflakes, various decorations on the walls in the form of garlands, rain, and more. Also not infrequently the question arises, how to make a paper firecracker that she was the most similar to the purchase option. It is not so difficult, important to follow all of the recommendations and tips that will surely help to realize a dream.

How to make a paper firecracker

Firecrackers have always attracted attention, fascinated with his fantastic explosions of beautiful pieces of serpentine. For this case does not need many items and tools, just to stock up on paper, purchased or homemade streamers and scissors. Paper can take the most ordinary, suitable as a sheet of A4 paper and a regular sheet of newspaper. Here should be based on what is at hand.

Step by step instructions

As we have seen, that process of making firecrackers out of paper does not require knowledge and skills that are simple enough to take care of all the necessary items and get to work. Cracker is created as follows:

  • To start, we need to take a sheet of paper. If you want a loud Bang, you can take a sheet of newspaper.

how to make a firecracker

  • With a lower side of the sheet, turn it in half, the corners should be as smooth, corner to corner.

folded in half

  • You then fold the paper so that its edges form two equal and similar triangle inside.
  • On the other hand need to make it so that the result is four equal angles.

create equal angles

  • Thereafter, the expandable sheet of paper, turn it in half, triangles must be vertices at each other. Be sure to place the iron bent, they should be flat and beautiful, providing you with sufficient cotton finish.

the paper in half to equal triangles

  • The resulting sheet again fold in half.

the resulting sheet in half

  • To get the right kind of flapper, it is necessary to uncover the upper part of the sheet to form a rectangle. The reversal must be done from right to left.

a complete view of the flapper

  • The resulting rectangle should again bend in half at the center line. Similarly, it is necessary to pay the second part of the paper.

That’s all the steps to create a flapper came to an end. You should get smooth crackers, a bit like a boat. To provide a powerful and coveted blast, you should first carefully smoothed every corner of the firecrackers, observe that the angles were the same and fit snugly to each other.

For a more striking effect inside the crackers, you can add a few ribbon streamers that will provide you with not only cotton, but still beautiful look after him. Typically, these crackers do not add the serpentine, but the experiments have not been canceled.

Advice on design of the flapper

how to make a firecracker

  • To cracker was not only bright and beautiful, but also fully implement the intended functions, should choose the paper that will not be characterized by excessive subtlety, or Vice versa. For this option you will need paper of medium thickness. A good option would be a sheet of paper, A4 or a regular album sheet.
  • Do not use firecrackers in a house inhabited by small children or animals, because a violent explosion might scare them.
  • To firecracker turned out beautiful and memorable, it can paint. It is designed for multiple explosions, that’s why after the first cotton no need to rush to throw away, try to give it the original look, take another cotton.
  • Add confetti inside will create not only a new effect but also a beautiful appearance that you will remember for a long time. Simply buy confetti at the store or create your own using scissors and rain, designed for the Christmas tree.

If you follow all the tips listed above, you must come out beautiful, and the Christmas cracker, which will create the effect of a real new year celebration. Experiment, you certainly will succeed.

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