How to make a paper airplane – step-by-step instruction

Handicrafts paper products loved by adults and children. This hobby does not require high material costs and brings a lot of positive emotions. If you do not know how to engage your child, show him how to make a paper airplane.

This simple toy will make baby smile, because he will be able to independently run and observe the flight. Air aviation will become a favorite pastime of your child.

Paper plane

Airplane «Boom»

This is the easiest way of making a flying machine.

  • Take a sheet of A4, put it on the table and fold in half down the middle. The paper should have a vertically to the future wings of the plane were long. Want to bend was clear? Iron the folded piece of paper with a ruler
  • Then, re-straighten the paper. Now you can see that right in the middle of the future of the aircraft formed a straight line. It will help you to make nose and wings
  • Proceed to the production of the nose of the airplane. This will tognum the two upper corners, folded them in the form of an isosceles triangle Arrow
  • Then bend out the nose and repeat the previous steps. Thus, the upper corners are bent toward the center line twice
  • Put the plane on the table and carefully consider. You have to be a paper blank shaped house: a-frame roof and base-rectangle
  • Note the small «tongue», which looks out from under the triangle. It should bend up to serve as mounts for the nose of the aircraft
  • Fold the blank in half using the centre crease that was made earlier
  • Now it’s time to fold the wings. Bend them, taking as starting point the sharp end of the triangle, which is the nose of the plane

Little liotcik

A white sheet of paper turned into a pointed plane «Arrow». He got the name for their high speed. Now it is time to launch the Arrow and see how far it will fly.

Invite a child to paint a paper model of bright markers. Together come up with a name for the plane, write it on the wing. The baby will love it.

The boy starts the plane

«Fighter» out of paper

If you have mastered the easiest way of making a plane, you can proceed to more complex models. It’s time to learn how to make a paper airplane, got a big name «Fighter». To receive a paper carrier, you will need scissors.

The algorithm of production of the aircraft is similar to the first option, but there are significant differences that must be considered.

Children and delki

  • As in the first case, fold a sheet of paper in half, then unfold it
  • Turn down the top corners to the center twice – first, we face an isosceles triangle with angles 45 degrees, then the angle decreases and becomes sharper. You see a building resembling a space rocket
  • Now bend to the middle sheet top angle, that is, the nose of the aircraft
  • Mentally, measure two inches from the fold line and fold the triangle back. The result should be a slight bend Jet fighter from paper
  • The sharp end of the nose of the plane to bend, making it straight. This is the main difference of this model from the aircraft «Arrow». His nose does not look like a subject for archery
  • Now fold the workpiece in half, focusing on the center line of the sheet, which was made at the first stage of the manufacture of aircraft
  • Take the scissors and make a cut on the wing 3 cm at an angle of 30 degrees
  • Fold the wings of the model, make additional bends as shown in the figure. They will give the plane excellent aerodynamic properties Lesson origami

This model looks different from the classic paper airplane. It looks more realistic. «Fighter» also can be colored with paints or markers. Admit it, you had no idea about what to do in the plane of the paper so fun and exciting. Here the main thing – to show imagination.

Invite the children and friends to arrange a competition for the launch of paper models. So you can see which one aircraft flies faster. Don’t forget to mark your aircraft, depicting it a unique logo or your name.


How to make a «Glider»

There is another kind of paper airplanes. This so-called «gliders» that can fly without a motor. The process of making a glider is not like drawing a «Boom» and «Fighter»:

  • Place in front of a sheet vertically
  • Bend turns right and the upper left corner to make two bends in the form of the letter «x»
  • Now fold the paper at this bend, before you lay an isosceles triangle, and rectangle
  • The angles of this triangle have one feature – they are double layered. Remove the top layer of paper, fold the corners to the Central axis of the aircraft. The result is a rhombus Glider paper
  • The right and left side of the diamond and push to the center of the workpiece, then bend the small corners and attach them to each other, as shown in the diagram
  • Now you will need scissors. Cut a long rectangle that is the lower part of the sheet. It will be a long tail of paper glider. At the end of the rectangle make two cuts of 0.5 cm, fold the flaps
  • Paste the item in the basis of plane, add it under the wings. Bend the workpiece along the Central axis Glider

As you can see, to make a paper airplane very easy. Before you present glider, capable of flying long distances, smoothly moving through the air by wind currents

Paper aviation attracts the attention of children and adults, bewitching beauty and elegance models. Surprisingly, a simple sheet of paper can be turned into a flying machine, which is able to move through the air.

The launch of the aircraft

Make your first paper airplane, show your child the magic of origami. This kind of creativity can become a favorite hobby of your kid.

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