How to make a Minecraft saddle

Minecraft is one of the most popular games among gamers. The reason is simple – it’s open world and complete freedom of your actions in the game. Related to this is the fact that gamers have a lot of running. So will have to act for those who want to get to the destination. So often the impression of slow time events rarely occur. So it is possible to get bored. But everything can change. It’s enough to find a way to travel. It is quite suitable conventional pig or a horse. And they’re not got rid of, you need a saddle. How to make a Minecraft saddle?


Gamers could ask the question – where it to take? You can find a saddle in the treasure room. It is also possible to buy it in a butcher shop. However, you need emeralds. But still there is a solution. There is a mod Saddle Resipe that allows you to do it yourself. Here you can enjoy several varieties of saddles. Next, everything in order.

pigs in minecraft

Where to find and how to make a Minecraft saddle

Try to find a saddle in the treasure room. Often in one of the chests and hidden it. In addition to saddles, there is hidden a huge number of useful artifacts. A gathering of 7 emerald, you can easily buy a saddle, visiting the butcher. For this head to the nearest village. But since it is a rare thing, not the fact that you will be able to get it.

So, saddle you are found. But the developers made the ability to craft it yourself. To start, place one thread in the center, and in the first and the last cell put the iron ingots. Empty cells in the top and middle row take chunks of skin. They need 5 pieces.

There is another option of creating a seat of red leather. For her being melted flesh, zombies. Let us make a sufficient amount of skin, we can begin creating the saddle.

If you do not have enough iron, you will approach this method of creating a seat. For him you should have 1 thread, 1 iron ingot and leather pieces 27. In the beginning fill in all the cells in the normal skin, then get a 3 piece red leather, which placed in the top row. In the center of the middle row install thread, and in the middle of the bottom row – iron. That’s all, you can use your saddle.

How to make a Minecraft saddle

If you don’t have threads, then you can use the following method of manufacturing a saddle. You need 6 pieces of course leather and 1 iron ingot. With this set you can start creating the artifact. Both the top row fill in the normal skin. To begin filling the bottom number is the average cell iron set. That’s all the saddle you have in your pocket.

Many who try this will not always achieves the desired result, but this does not mean that these methods don’t work. According to the developers of the game – this artifact is, and will remain rare.

Some details from the developers

Gamers can only hope that the developers will make it possible to add the saddle itself as necessary or will increase the chances of his being among the other artifacts that are stored in chests. Quite recently, it was not the butcher. And only after the latest update, the owners of the emeralds can afford to buy there. But the crafting of the saddle takes a very long time.

saddle in minecraft

So the creators of Mincraft suggest all gamers do not despair, but simply to go looking for him. If you have free time and a little luck, sooner or later you will find it. But, as they say, you need to try.

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