How to make a million?

Sooner or later people are wondering, is it possible to get rich in a short period of time, how to make a million, without making super efforts. The unequivocal answer to this question, of course, but there is some practical advice that will help you to earn more still exists.

How to make a million?

There is a saying «easily not pull the fish from the pond», as we all know, but few understand its true meaning. In terms of earnings, as in all other areas, do not expect to suddenly fell happiness. Much more important to realize that to achieve the goals will need to work, work and work again. At all times to operate at full capacity, of course, no easy task, but it is a million worth it?

Quick money

So, are you ready to work hard, where to start? With ideas, well and soberly considered a profitable business idea, which will undoubtedly bring profit. When the choice is made, comes the turn of the business plan. It should be how to do? We first define the pricing policy of goods and services. The cheaper the item you sell, the more you must implement to earn a million rubles.

For example, what products you can implement for$100:

  • inexpensive furniture and various interior items (floor lamps, shelves, lamps, vases, stands for flowers);
  • branded clothing;
  • small appliances and equipment for photo and video.

million rubles

To sell services is a bit more complicated, as people are wary of giving them money. This is because all purchased items you can see and touch, and services – the product is practically virtual.

So, for the sale of goods and services will need employees that are not just going to be ballast at the company, and will be able to really convince potential customers that implemented your product it is absolutely necessary. No matter what you are trading, the main thing – the result.

In the case with a startup capital You have is not very smooth and the extra money on rent just yet, you can try to make a million in a year, using all known the Internet. Some entrepreneurs even think that this method of sale of goods and services is not only more profitable, but also outrageously simple.

Money online

To find potential buyers on the Internet is not difficult and the scope of services is not restricted. Let’s see what you can sell with the help of the world wide web for$100:

  • development and design, as well as advertising sites.
  • small appliances;
  • original ideas and gifts for various celebrations;
  • new phone models, accessories and components thereto;
  • dinners and Lunches in cafes and restaurants;
  • services of photographer and videographer;
  • advertising;
  • travel packages, including hot;
  • spare parts for various equipment, in particular those that are hard to reach;
  • repair and maintenance of hardware, installation of softwares;
  • the services of lawyers, legal advice;
  • consultations of psychologists, astrologers, nutritionists and other specialists;
  • the writing of informational, promotional, scientific and educational articles.

a lot of money a million

Assuming that the work you will carry out sensibly and rapidly move to the goal, soon you will increase your average earnings for a round sum.

People who have achieved success

In addition to all above stated, should follow a few tips from those who have been able to succeed:

  • Rolf Illsley (owner of a company specializing in the development and production of antireflection coatings, which are integral elements of all satellite systems and modern computers) recommends to first focus on self-reliance. In his opinion, start your own business is out of the ordinary list in which you want to list who you want to be. It is not necessary to put as the main goal – money, in addition to work to have time to enjoy life.

Rolf Illsley

  • Michael focht (without higher education, is President of a large medical corporations) expressed his opinion about the work in the following way: «For you have to employ right people». Learning how properly to choose highly qualified professionals that will flawlessly perform tasks, the Manager has a greater chance for success. In addition, we should not mix personal and professional qualities of employees. In proportion as you rise up the career ladder, increasing the number of work you will not have time to do yourself, and part of the duties will have to shift to other people. In the company’s continued success will depend on teamwork and each individual expert.
  • Bill Hotrum (the owner of one of the largest consulting firms) makes the emphasis on the necessary knowledge, saying, «Come to the few percent of people who know something useful.» After all, the basic fundamentals of business tips and advice has long been written, they have only to read, marking the most important. The person who wants to succeed and stay on top, have to develop, to learn something new and useful for his business. As for people who believe in his omniscience, the chances of getting the expected result is considerably less. It is important to realize that you still have room for growth.
  • Wu Lin (founder of three companies, the latest of his startups has provided Wu Lin until the end of life) comes with its own motto in life «is Very busy to sit.» He, as a leader, focuses on employee productivity, leaving them to sit and fall asleep at the meetings. This allows him effectively to spend time. How? The meeting in the evening, when the working day came to an end and everyone wants faster home, allows you to solve all questions at a fast pace. In addition, the lack of Seating places employees at the meeting allows them to concentrate on what’s going on. We need to move forward, not sit.
  • Tommy Schweiger (the founder of the company, which currently has the right to use characters from Disney while creating textiles) said «Find your chutzpah». You need to take something that You like, where you feel confident. Confidence can not be learned from books and directories, it needs to develop through conversations with people, ability to communicate and negotiate. In this concept, as in others, there is a certain line that cannot be crossed, but the maximum close to her and is a success.

money and success

These tips, of course, does not guarantee you a hundred percent success, but you can make a lot of useful and that will definitely come in handy in the future business development. It is important to remember that building a successful career is not dependent on any one, there are many factors, such as communication skills and the ability to negotiate with people to develop good strategies of self-motivation, style of the leader, education, reputation, and relationships that formed together, and will bring success.

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