How to make friend in Minecraft?

Minecraft is an indie project that gives its players a lot of opportunities. However, despite this, sooner or later thinks that it would be more fun to play with other people. At a time like this people are wondering on how to make a friend in Minecraft.

There are various methods through which you can get a partner for the game. First and foremost, it all depends on whether one is a human or an animal. Besides card games, there are mods that also allow you to cope with this problem.

how to make friend in minecraft

How to make a Minecraft friend, a man?

How can people not love animals in the first place any of us want to have another person. In order to get yourself such a partner, you will need to find a few ingredients, and also to find the right place and time.

First of all, you need to check the client version. Her room needs to be 1.4.2, otherwise get yourself one game will not work. If the client is correct, you can proceed to search for the necessary materials. There are only two:

  • Spawn-the eggs of skeletons,
  • Of a human head.

When you have found the correct items, you need to think about a suitable place for the creation process. The fact that the skeletons that appear from the eggs will burn almost instantly if will be in the sun. So create for yourself other better under the cover of the game of the night, or it’s better to do it indoors, where walls and roof do not leak light. For example, will approach the cave.

How to make friend in Minecraft:

  • The first step is to dig a hole the depth of which will be two blocks. This will allow you to keep the mobs in place, will not allow them to run around.
  • Step two — into the pit you need to place spawn-the eggs of skeletons. Not necessarily putting one, you can throw quite a lot, but not too much.
  • Step three – looking at the skeletons need to throw a human head.

When one of them is land mob on the neck, she dressed like a mask. And it turns out one man.

one person

Characteristics of each person in Minecraft

Came character its characteristics will be little to recall the usual skeleton. First, his health will be extremely high. Secondly, it will be equipped with its own inventory and even a slot for storing weapons. Thus, one will not just protect your borders, but will also be a great help in carrying the loot.

Although the character and so has significant health indicators, its resistance can be easily further increase. Just enough about him to put the armor one wears them, thereby raising even more features.

In order to open the inventory of one, you have to press the button U. you can then easily transfer to associate different things, and the dedicated armor and weapons will increase the rates of attack and defense. Do not skimp on food – without food in your inventory the character can die. Eat it on their own, when needed.

As a result of fight one might be injured or even killed. Fortunately, nothing prevents to repeat the process again.


The subtleties of another person

Just be close to him in the game Minecraft second person is quite interesting, the gameplay becomes more diverse. Further, you can use a number of commands.

  • It is difficult to perceive what character to another if it has no name. In order to set it, you can use the command
  • The battle process in Minecraft is almost as important as construction. To defeat enemies, you need time to arm themselves. Team friend.melee.reach allows you to set distancewe from the mob, being in which one grabs their weapons.
  • His companion, easy to cause the U button, but even easier to set the time period for which the person will once again be next to the main character. To do this, use settings.respawn.timer.
  • Settings.movespeed.the following will allow you to easily adjust the speed of movement.
  • If you want to configure how name is displayed above the character, then you can use the command
  • Death is always a sad process, but it really a little to brighten up, setting the dying phrase. This is done with the help of a friend.phrase.quit.
  • In addition to dying, you can set a welcome phrase. It is necessary to dial the

So it is possible to add various changes to the friend-the person.

How to make friend in Minecraft?

People, of course, good, but also friends-animals no worse. In the game Minecraft presents the number of home (and not) animals, which you can do with your faithful companions. For example, you can enlist the support of cat.

The opportunity to acquire such a friend appeared at that moment, as the project was added Ocelot. By itself it is a wild cat living in the jungle. However, it can be tamed with Raw Fish. It is easy to catch from the pond.

  • With fish in the inventory, you can go into the jungle.
  • Search cat must Crouch so as not to spook him.
  • When it is detected, you need to sit down and take a fish to hand.
  • The animal itself should come as close as possible. After that, use the right mouse button, you need to give him a fish.
  • If the cat appeared hearts, that he successfully tamed.

After this, the animal will follow its master. It can be put in place using the right mouse button, then the main thing not to forget where one was left.


If one person can be given a name with the command, the cat, the situation is a little different. Having a client version of 1.6, you can go into the dangerous dungeons in search of special chests, which contain Tags. In version 1,7 it is possible to catch a fishing rod.

  • In addition to the tags, in order to give the name of the animal, require the Anvil.
  • To create it you need three blocks and four iron ingots.
  • They should be placed on the recipe below.


  • After the anvil is finished and installed, it is necessary to press the right button.

Thus, the tag shall be placed inside and can be carved any word. After this will only transfer the single sign-animal right-click.

Installation of mods

The use of in-game resources to create friends is a long and difficult process. Mod under the logical name «friend mod» adds a few new features, as well as of each person who will have the same characteristics as the character, generated from the eggs of skeletons.

In order to have a faithful partner, just need to correctly set the modification.

  • For starters, you need to download the archive and download it to your computer.
  • File mod-friend moved to the folder with the game itself.
  • friendmod.config also needs to be moved to the game folder.

This way you can get a friend which will accompany the character at the mines and dungeons to complete missions, and attack mobs.


Video instruction

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