How to make a bow and arrow

Archery is a very fun and active sport that does not require professional skills. You just need to have a bow, desires, and balanced mentality, because sport is very dangerous. You should definitely know how to make a bow himself, he spent a small amount of money and time.

Bow at home

Before you consciously start to work, you need to take care of all the necessary materials and tools to make a bow would be impossible.

How to make a bow and arrow

You will need:

  • Solid wood.
  • String, it is easily made from linen thread.
  • A knife or scissors.
  • A sheet of paper, a pencil.

Any bow consists of two parts – the shoulder and arm. Arm is the main part of the bow, from this point begins the flight of the arrow. Boom is adjustable depending on the length of human hands, for example, for a person, the length of which is 137-150 cm, the arrow needs to have a minimum length of 55 cm.

Manufacturer of onion

For a start it is necessary to cut the housing of the future bow. Take wood and cut from it an arc, in the future it will be the base of the bow. Determine the middle of the bow, so will have to accommodate the handle. Only with this arrangement you will be comfortable to use it. Don’t forget to make rounded grooves for a stretched string. This is best to use a rasp. At the tip of the bow is required to glue two layers of veneer, its thickness should be 0.5 mm. Make the end a bit rounded.

bow with their hands

To make the string, you need to perform the following manipulation. Take a long Board, adding two nails, the distance between them is 150 cm, the Free end of the thread, which has no site, should fix on one nail by winding filament circumferentially in a single movement. For linen thread you can make no more than six turns, and Mylar up to 50 turns. In the process of winding the yarn, you should definitely ensure that it was evenly stretched and not had any sagging, which can lead to unpredictable consequences.

After a taut bowstring, you should definitely pass the test of the bow. To do this, fasten a bow on a vertical surface, then be sure to check the tension force and bending shoulders. Increasing the tension of the string, you can check the strength of the bow, and to visually determine the duration of its operation. Be sure to be careful not to bend the tip of the shoulders, otherwise the onions may just be broken on the first stages of its use.

Production of arrows

Once the bow is made, you can move on to the creation of arrows for him. It is also quite a complicated procedure, but if you follow the instructions, everything goes quickly and efficiently. To do this, take the wood, preferably pine, birch, spruce. Arrowheads need to choose from solid steel. In order to achieve balance, the rear of the arrows should have a small plate made of a PCB, it is cut, it must match the diameter. Dimensions of plate are 2 mm in width and 7 mm in length.


To manufacture a bow and arrow at home does not take much time, but you should always remember that the process is quite complex. You must know all the particulars of making bow to get the necessary tools and materials, to revise the scheme of creation and to proceed confidently to work. With that mindset you will succeed.

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