How to make a boat out of paper?

Every adult when we were kids to make their own boats out of paper, but after many years, most of them forgot how to make a boat from paper. Many of them now have children who are also wondering how to make boats out of paper, but most adults need to remember how to make. There are several options on how to make this wonderful thing, it can be simple, plain, and beautiful sailing ship. For products will need a piece of paper and a little time.

Classic boat

First you need to take a sheet of paper of format 4, it can be colored or pure white, which you can then paint pencils or markers. First you need to take a sheet of paper and fold in half. Then folded it again at the top need to start to bend, but not until the end, but only the area. This curved line to divide the paper in half and serve as a guide in order to be evenly left and right corner to the center.

As soon as you folded the left and right edges, carefully run your fingers along the crease, thereby making them thin and sleek.

How to make a boat out of paper

At the bottom you have to stay loose edges, they should be rising up as one, and on the other hand, to the line pre-bent corners.

Bend the lower part

They need to be fixed turning down the corners in opposite directions. This must be done with one and on the other side.

Hiding parts of the region

After fixing angles you have formed a triangle, the pocket must be open and fold the product at the opposite bend lines.

Triangular pocket

Place the workpiece bottom edge, and corner up, fold the bottom edge up.

Bend angle pockets

After holding the center, spread it out.

Stretchable design

After this is fold the bottom edge.

Bends the bottom of the boat

The last step is to take the tips of the corners and stretch the boat.

Paperovi boat

Boat in the shape of a boat

To produce such a ship will need a sheet of format A 4 and scissors.

Paper and scissors

The first step is of the rectangular sheet to make a square. To do this, fold one corner to the other side and with scissors cut it turned out the rectangle, you get a square.

Make a square out of paper

Then the resulting square have two sides to bend diagonally.

Bendable sheet diagonally

You should get the billet as the photo, already with the planned lines.


Then grab the corner and bend it upwards so that the sharp Karay concerned centre.

Bend the bottom corner

So, you need to bend all three area. Then carefully swipe your finger across the fold line to lock them.

Folded three corners

After that you need the Central angle of the bend down to it from the edge still peeking an inch.

Robina sail

Then you need to fold the design in half, with a fractured Central diagonal in the other direction.

Robina the bottom

After this will tuck the bottom edge inside of the boat to get the prop for sailboat.

Fracture of the Central part

The next step will be the drafting of the workpiece with the direction of the center inside.


Paperovi Korablik

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