How to lose weight in a week

Sometimes there are situations when you need to lose weight. For example, in a week you have planned a holiday, but you can’t wear your favorite dress because it is hampered by the extra inches on the waist or hips. At such moments, we wonder – how to lose weight in a week? And here come to the aid of the Express diet, which provide the ability to quickly get rid of 5 or even 10 pounds.

How to lose weight in a week

Weight loss in a week at any cost

Selecting a fast diet, we pay attention not only on its components but also on the ability to save the result after it. It is very important that this food won’t harm your health.

With limited time, you can only rely on changes to diet, since other interventions (physical exercise, etc.) will not have time to act. When using weekly diet, the result is mainly achieved thanks to:

  • The use of a single product low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese, Apple, buckwheat, etc.. But such a monotonous diet can not stand each.
  • A sharp decrease in the intake of calories. In such a diet the body has to work hard.
  • Chemical processes. This diet, which affect our metabolism. As an example, can be called «Protein diet». They are popular because with this diet are not losing muscle mass, which is characteristic for the majority of Express diets. Consequently, the result will remain much longer.

At first glance, the more uniform the diet during the diet, the better result will be achieved. However, it is not so. Because 7 days is a long time to feel limitations. So when them increases the load on the body that can lead to health problems. While using quick diets the body can include a «power saving mode». And this in turn will lead to failure in losing weight. In addition, you will receive a lack of energy, depression and poor health.


Ideally, if a short-term diet will be the impetus for the beginning of measures to further reduce weight. It is also important to remember that getting the desired result within 7 days, you need not to break and not to indulge in gluttony.

Before starting any diet, evaluate the state of his health. If you have more than 30 extra pounds to lose weight on their own is very dangerous. In this case, consult your doctor who will help you to reduce the caloric value of your menu and give advice on physical activity.

weight loss in a week

The most popular weekly diet

Most often, those who urgently need to lose weight, choose one of the following diets:

  1. Kefir. It is designed for 7 days and gives you the opportunity to say goodbye to 3-5 kg For this food allowed to eat fat-free yogurt and a few fresh vegetables or fruits in a limited quantity.
  2. Japanese. Allows you to lose about 4 kg per week. This relates to carbohydrate diet, where each meal is painted not only the amount of food eaten, but also in time.
  3. Buckwheat. It is based on eating steamed in a special way buckwheat. As a result it gives the chance will reset to 1 kg per day.
  4. Juice mono diet. It is called «emergency» because it can only be used in extreme cases and not all. Despite the fact that this diet is very popular among stars of show business, it is very harmful to the body.
  5. Fasting diet Queen. It was developed by a nutritionist Margarita Koroleva and promises deliverance from 2-3 kg per week. At this time of the day you need to eat equal parts in equal time intervals in 100 g no fat cottage cheese, ¼ small chicken without skin, 2 cucumber, 1 potato, drink 1 litre of no fat yogurt. During this period, it is important to follow drinking regime – drink daily of 2.5 liters of still water.

how to lose weight in a week

How to keep the result

One of the downsides of fast diets is that fast weight as fast back, taking with him several pounds. That this did not happen, it is important to lose weight gradually.

It is very important to review your diet, giving preference to the useful products in your diet. Exercise regularly and, better yet, sign up in the fitness room or pool. In an extreme case, suitable for daily walks.


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