How to lose photos from iphone to computer?

IPhone is one of the most popular and expensive series of smartphones created by Apple. To argue about the cost-effectiveness and features is endless, from the owners of these phones will not be less. It is important to understand how to throw photos from iphone to computer.

how to lose photos from iphone to computer

In General, this process rarely causes any problems, at least when using simple smartphones. The man decided to upload the files from your iPhone to your personal computer will inadvertently encounter a certain iTunes. As a result of difficulty to quickly understand which is not always feasible.

Fortunately, the instructions below will help you to transfer photos to the computer in different ways. In particular, it makes sense to learn how to use iTunes, which is so promoted by Apple.

How to lose photos from iphone to Windows computer?

For this (and most other) transmission process will need a USB cable. The iPhones they differ slightly from the options of most common smartphones, so you should ensure that the corresponding cord is.

When will be prepared all necessary, to connect using the cable the phone to the computer.

  • As a rule, after it automatically POPs up the AutoPlay window, offers several possible actions.
  • Among the list, select «Open device to view files». This item is displayed using icons.


  • Often, situations arise that require a window POPs up automatically. If this happens, then you can open «My computer» and on the left will list the drives and devicesconnected to the PC. Finding iPhone, will click on it.

my computer

  • As a result of any of their methods will open the internal storage of the phone. Here are all the files that can be reset on the computer. In this case, you need to find photos.
  • Photos and pictures saved in a folder called DCIM. Sometimes it is at the top of all others, but to find her is not difficult.
  • Inside DCIM are often located in other subfolders, but they can just lie the long-awaited photos.


  • In this step, you select the images you want to send to the computer. If you only need one, simply select it by a left click. If you have to transfer all your files, then you need to allocate them using the same keys. In the case when you need to copy multiple photos, select them by using clicks with Ctrl key pressed (sometimes used Shift or Alt, depending on the settings).
  • After all relevant images are selected, they will remain just drag and drop a folder on the computer. If you want, just spread the pictures on your desktop, or some other device.

This is a way of transferring files from your iphone to the computer with the Windows operating system. However, many owners of such products use other OS, so you need to consider how to work with them.

Transfer images on OS X

As both products are owned by Apple, the transfer process is quite simple. For a start, you still need a USB cable.

How to lose photos from iphone to computer with OS X:

  • After connecting, the system will automatically find the program image Capture that comes in a starter kit. If not, you can find it manually.
  • The window displays the connected device and a list of all available photos.
  • The necessary files will remain just drag and drop to another location on the desktop.

transfer on Mac

Occasionally the person may face a situation when the standard program on the computer. In this case, you can use iTools or another file Manager. They are easy to find and download online. Once selected the program is installed on the computer to start it. Further action will be considered on the example of iTools.

  • You need to go in the DCIM folder.
  • It you click 100APPLE.
  • There will be photos, videos, images, and other files. They can be distinguished by the format – the images will have the IMG and videos VID.
  • Again it will remain just drag and drop the selected files to a prepared place.

Just like you can deliver photos from your iPhone to your personal computer.


A generic method

The above methods require a special cable, and, in fact, close to the computer. Fortunately, there is a method that requires neither the one nor the other. It is perfect for those who urgently need to deliver files to the device, being far away from him, and for people who have lost the USB cable.

The transfer will occur through the use of the service Yandex.Disk. This method features a large number of previous actions, but then everything is very simple.

  • For starters, you have to get the mail on Yandex.
  • Each owner of such e-mail are given 10 GB of memory, actually increase to 20. This quantity will be enough for photos with the iPhone.
  • Next to the resource you need to download a program that will allow you to create a virtual disk. After installation, you will create a cloud.

Yandex disk

  • Will just have to load special software on the iPhone. As a result, the files that were in the cloud from your phone, and will be in the cloud on the computer.

This method will work for any operating system, it does not require cable and presence in the device. Simply upload photos to Yandex. Disk, and they remain in the cloud where they can always take.


Internal program

By itself, iTunes is not going to transfer pictures from device to computer. To do this, use another internal iPhoto. She opens up after connecting smartphone to the PC.

In the window you can choose the photos you want to transfer, then click «Import selected» or «Import Selected». Both will be able to transfer one, several or all together pictures. Upon completion of the program will offer to delete files from your phone, or save them.

If the uploaded image is not needed on the iPhone (and on the computer they already have), it makes sense to confirm cleaning. This will help to obtain a large amount of free space in the phone memory.

v iPhoto


After all, how to throw photos from iphone to computer using iTunes? There is a kind of workaround. For its implementation need to download a program called iPhone Backup Extractor.

  • For starters, you need to run the notorious iTunes.
  • In its upper part, you select the device from which you want to transfer photos.
  • Then you need to go to settings. Their home page will offer to create a backup – it should be done. In the case that the data on the phone is very good, it may take a certain amount of time.
  • When the process is complete, you need to find the copy on the computer.
  • Then, using a preset program, you can get photos from these stored files.

It will also be able to use iTunes to transfer images to your computer.


Link iTunes and Wi-Fi.

If your computer is connected to the wireless network, you can use (iTunes) to transfer files.

First and foremost, you need to synchronize. This is done in iTunes on the summary tab. There is a need to find «Settings» and select «Sync via wifi».

Logging in to your iPhone, you can sync via Settings in «Main». They need to find the box «Sync with iTunes via Wi-Fi». At the top of the smartphone screen will appear the corresponding icon.

If everything is correct, then we could apply the instructions for working with any OS with no need to use cable. Enough to both devices connected to the same network.

using wi-fi

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