How to look like the lice and nits, especially the development and destruction methods

A common parasite is fleas. The eggs of this insect are called nits. How to look like the lice and nits, is shown in detail and described in this article.

By itself, the NIT is similar to a maggot coated. The liquid that covers the egg has a gooey structure. On the air, it hardens. Usually one NIT – larva consists of a single egg and is attached to a single human hair. Thanks to the allocated fluid tight NIT sticks to the hair and it is not so easy to remove.

Look like lice and nits

An interesting feature is that the nits are easier to detect than lice on the human head. This is due primarily to their colour. Nits have bright color, and so pay attention to them is faster. On the Internet presents quite a lot of informative photos with these parasites.

If the lice infestation has a high stage of distribution on the head, it is a direct factor in the serious increase in the number of breeding their larvae. Sometimes a well-washed head of an infected person may look as if sprinkled with flour.

In the science of the correct interpretation of the term «NIT» is the stage of parasite development. Not quite correct to assume that nits are eggs of lice. All because most of the NIT is the shell, and it is in no way involved in the development of the larvae.

Appearance of nits

A person who is suffering from the effects of this parasite, it is easy to calculate. Hair patient have light blotches. Often this phenomenon can be confused with dandruff. It body nits are oval, elongated shape. The dimensions of the larvae are small, usually ranging from 0.6 to 0.9 mm Diameter eggs of lice is about 0.4 mm it is Worth noting that pubic nits are much smaller, their body length about 0.6 mm.

A characteristic feature of the nits is that its shape resembles a spindle. Below you can see a slight education in the form of a belt, which is the result of layers of sticky liquid. On top the larva has a so-called lid. As soon as the louse Matures, through this cap it hatches. An interesting feature is that, what is the form of this education. It is any expert in the field of parasites, will be able to tell what species of lice this NIT applies.

appearance of nits

Without the use of a microscope is difficult to determine the developing louse or not. Not rare are cases when the NIT is not viable, but continues to be present in the hair of the patient. And dry and the developing larvae look exactly the same. If lice in humans for a long time not treated, over time the head will be covered with white patches – the nits and even unviable individuals will seem quite active, although in reality it is not. Dry the body of the larvae of the parasite will always be present in the balance, until then, until it will disappear.

Interesting facts about nits

  • The survival of the NIT provides how much she is attached to the hair.
  • The secret fluid that covers the larva of lice is of special composition, thanks to which NIT can survive in any environmental conditions.
  • To reduce the strength of the liquid can secret acid, both synthetic and natural. These include acetic acid or lemon juice.

Human lice are whitish, so they are easier to spot on dark hair. There are so-called body lice, they are located deep in the fabric of garments, in various folds and prostrakan. To discover them quite difficult.

Evolution nits

The development of nits can be divided into several stages:

  • The origin.
  • The deposition of larvae.
  • The development of larvae.
  • Hatching (leaving wrapper).

Females, after reaching puberty, begins to mate with males. Provided that favourable conditions, such as excess food and warmth, it begins to Deposit larvae. Does this female, moving up the hair. The brood usually ranges from 5 to 9 larvae at a time. After the female laid the larvae, they tightly cling to the hair with a secretory fluid, which in turn hardens in a minute. It provides a snug fit to the hair and secure clamping on it.

Nits on the hair

In the case of a lice the process of laying larvae is much easier. Pending the egg falls on the fabric and is attached thereto.

The development of nits is on average up to 8 days. For full development the temperature should not be above 40C. If the temperature drops below 22C, the development of nits stops. With increasing temperature above 45C, NIT dies.

How to look fully developed lice in the hair under favorable conditions can be obtained from any specialist in this field. Feature is the fact that lice may develop on any part covered with hair. No exceptions are the eyelashes and eyebrows.

After the development of NIT trying to leave your shell, this happens with a push cap of the shell. Once this occurs, the adult breathes air and pushes it into the esophagus. So begins the livelihoods of lice.

Rules to identify nits

  • Nits have to look at the root of the hair, it is not located along the entire length.
  • Usually the parasite is at a distance of 2 to 3 cm from the base of the hair.
  • On a single thread there is only one larva.
  • The spread of nits followed by profuse itching.
  • Comb out nits need special crests.
  • Special attention should be given blond curly hair, so as to detect the parasite more difficult.
  • Spread the nits can on the various parts of the body.

looks like NIT

Effective methods for getting rid of lice and nits

In order to once and forever get rid of parasites, it is necessary to conduct a series of manipulations. But first, you need to know that nits are the place to be in your case. To correctly diagnose this disease can only qualified doctor.

There are three basic methods of getting rid of lice and nits:

  • The use of drugs.
  • Shave the hair.
  • The use of a treatment based on acids.
  • Combing with special combs.

After having diagnosed the presence of head lice and nits, it is necessary for the advice of a doctor to choose the drugs. To buy the right medicine at any pharmacy. But it is worth remembering that such drugs have a special regimen that can not be broken. Otherwise, the process of getting rid of lice can take a while. The average duration of treatment is one month.

Despite the fact that the drugs are quite expensive and not everyone can afford, is cheap and available method is the method haircuts bald. This method is effective and suitable for men and boy. Girls and women hardly suitable for such a method.

human lice

Lice and nits as all living creatures depend on oxygen. If they block, the parasites will die quickly. It is sufficient to wash it with water with addition of acetic acid. The effect will be immediate. The procedure must be repeated.

After carried out the above procedures, you need to comb the dead nits. To do this you must use a comb with rare teeth. With it, you will be able to remove the remnants of the dead lice.

In conclusion, I would like to note that with such parasites as lice must be fought. There are many methods of getting rid of nits, resorting to which, it is possible to forget about such problem as lice.

Lice and nits on video

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