How to look beautiful in the morning

Every girl wants to look beautiful in the morning, cheerful and cheerful. Unfortunately, do not always get time to go to bed, to sleep, to eat right before bed that there is no visible swelling on my face. It is therefore very relevant is the question of how to look in the morning beautiful to please her husband or husband? Let’s try to understand the basic secrets of how to look beautiful and cheerful.

How to Wake up and get out of bed

How to Wake up and get out of bed

We must remember that the level of our beauty in the morning depends on many factors, and one of them is the correct awakening and rising from bed. Three rules:

  • Awakening should not be sharp. If you are always late for work, set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier than usual and give yourself time for a further 5 minutes to lie down, turning on the television or the music that you fall asleep and Wake up. Be sure to do a small exercises in bed, it will be enough just to stretch the hands and feet, as if stretching his body.
  • Lying in bed before you rise, do not rush to open their eyes to the harsh light. You first have to get used to indoor lighting, you can use the bedside lamp, and then enable global illumination in the room. You can also do a little self-massage to awaken the body and prepare it for the process of walking throughout the day.
  • After the alarm, lie down on the back. Lying on your back you should feel with every cell of your body resistance beds, be sure to monitor your breathing, even if you never fell asleep in the back, morning may be your exception. Count to 10 and start to climb out of bed, turning on the morning of the procedure.

Eye care

Everyone must remember that beauty always depends on the morning washing. Never go to sleep with makeup on, even if you are tired in the evening and in the morning there will be time to do a new makeover. Be sure to use cosmetics to remove makeup, then apply a gentle baby cream on your face and go to sleep.

eye care morning

Use special cotton pads, gently rinse the eyes with makeup, be careful on a cotton disk was left of the cilia, because such manipulations may cause damage to the integrity of the eye.

The procedure of washing in the morning have to be, because otherwise, the person may peel off, covered with small spots. Preferably in the morning, wash with clean warm water, using various oil and cream cleanser, leave them for formal procedures.

Morning facial treatments

If your face has a slight glow from which you want to delete, you can perform the following procedure:

  • Take the boiled water, will be enough half a litre.
  • Add in water a drop of lemon, you can take fresh lemon or essential oil.
  • To the mixture add Apple cider vinegar.
  • Mix all until smooth and apply it on the face.

Massaging the face

If you have dry skin, then that person will also need your special care. For such manipulation just add water, a little milk, moisten a cotton pad and dip face, spending a little acupressure. If you are afraid to put milk on the face or the process itself seems quite unpleasant, replace it with a normal aloe juice, it will give good result.

How to brush your teeth in the morning?

We all know that the procedure of cleaning teeth is of importance is exactly the same as the process of washing. Some may wonder why you need advice on brushing your teeth, after all, just corny. In fact, 90% of Russian citizens do not know how to properly brush your teeth.

how to brush your teeth in the morning

To brush their teeth after sleep and keep a white smile throughout the day, you need to:

  • Soak the brush.
  • Apply a paste that it was distributed along the entire length of the brush.
  • Cleaning always start with the upper teeth, grabbing the gum.
  • After this, proceed to the domestic area.
  • At the end we clean the lower jaw.
  • Then you need to close the teeth and work at the same time, both the upper and lower jaw to secure the result.

Morning exercise

The key to a good and cheerful kind of morning routine charging, better go to her after the procedure of washing and brushing. Charging does not have to consist of a large number of exercises, there are a number of reasons:

  • You need to preserve energy for the whole day.
  • Only 10 minutes in the morning to awaken your body.
  • It is not always possible to carry out a full lesson in 40 minutes.

Morning exercises

A morning shower

After was performed a warm-up, be sure to go to the shower. If you tempered body, you can use a contrast shower, alternating hot and cold water. If you are afraid of getting sick from changes in water temperature, take a warm shower, it slightly relaxes your body, and after getting out of the shower – his tones and set the mood for your working day, which will be full of positive energy and strength.

rankovi shower

Full Breakfast

The key to beautiful skin in the morning, of course, is proper nutrition. You must understand that your diet always has to be saturated with a sufficient amount of vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In the morning it is best to take the carbohydrate food because it consist of high energy value, which you will need during the day.

Afternoon tea needs to be filled with fruit, a small amount of sweets, because without them can not no girl. In the evening is to focus on protein foods and not eating 3 hours before bedtime. Also, do not drink at night a lot of liquid, because it is because of this the skin becomes swollen and appears like this in the morning. Abstain from alcohol and spicy foods, they will only have a negative impact on your body and beautiful appearance.

proper nutrition

Look beautiful in the morning is not difficult enough just to follow his hygiene, proper nutrition and daily exercise. Take some time to sports, forget about insomnia because sleep depends on your appearance after you Wake up. If you stick to all these rules, comply with morning hygiene, then you certainly will be healthy and beautiful appearance after waking up.

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