How to learn to sing?

Songs have always accompanied human life. People sang at weddings, accompanied by lingering songs work in the fields, had a sad motives at the funeral or the care of men in the army. While nobody learned nothing, nobody was worried about how well he sounded, or how accurately he hit all the notes. Today, many are wondering how to learn to sing.

how to learn to sing

People want something more – I want their voice sounded nice, so they can feel free to start a favorite song when friends and even strangers. People want to feel free to enjoy karaoke, and someone even dreams of a career related to voice.

To start with the goal

Before you search through the pages of the Internet in search of techniques for voice training, you need to understand what you want from the singing lessons. For example, if a person is going to build a music career, want to organize your own group or become a solo singer, without professional will not do. This fact will just have to accept. If you want to earn with your voice, then it is necessary constantly to invest, in particular by means of payment of lessons from a professional.

If you just want to slightly improve the vocal skills to be able to sing something for friends and family, it is possible to develop voice at home. It would still require a huge amount of time and effort, but with due diligence, will appear the result.


Proper breathing

Breath – the Foundation of good singing. It is important to be able to use the existing air to create powerful sound.

Most people use for breathing upper part of the lungs, i.e., in this case rise only to the clavicle and shoulders. Thus clamped, the neck and and therefore not get the right sound.

A person’s breath is more correct in a dream. Then it is not so much the chest, as the stomach. Here for beautiful singing, you must breathe with a diaphragm, abdomen.

When singing you need nose easily and silently take a breath so that it fills the lower part of the lungs. If everything is correct, you will move not so much the chest, as the stomach.


The development of articulation

Once the basics of breathing lessons, you go to the articulation. For its development there are special exercises aimed at removing deep-throat tension and relaxation of ligaments.

  • For starters, you need to make the so-called «vocal mask». This implies a small smile, which strained cheekbones.
  • Keeping smile, need to get the language.
  • After this you need to start breathing like a dog, and you constantly change the pace. With these steps, you should feel tension in the abdominal area and coldness in the neck.
  • If everything is correct, then you need to drop the jaw down, not stopping to breathe.
  • After this, you should try to make a sound «a», and to do so with the help of the abdomen.


Help the cause and learning different tongue twisters that are easy to find. You can also use your favorite songs. This is done as follows:

  • Between the teeth you need to press the pen, the upper jaw should prevail over him.
  • You must include the song, the text of which is familiar, and, without exposing it above or below the marker, try to pronounce the words of the track.
  • After a few repetitions you can try in this situation to sing a song.
  • Three propelene you can remove the marker and sing again.

There are other various exercises to develop articulation, which can be used, if listed above, for whatever reason, are not suitable.

How to learn to sing?

A lot of people with great vocal talent I believe that I cannot sing, because they are not given any separate song. For example, a lady with a rich low timbre can assume that she has no talent because she can’t get the soprano.

It is important to be able to pick up a suitable repertoire, to choose the party for which relations comfortable, they don’t have to clamp or to be in tension.

Really help record your own singing. It is difficult to assess the quality of performance, not hearing it. You can also start with simple children’s songs, and only then to master the original jumping tonalities in a complex romances.

Great assistants will be friends who will tell you what songs are best. Here should learn not to take offense at criticism and be able to distinguish the desire to help from falsehood and the manifestation of envy. A true friend will help you to understand how to learn to sing.


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