How to learn to kiss

You hardly noticed that the majority of us kisses each day from a very early age. We kiss their parents, friends, toys, and even favorite animals. Thanks kisses, we can Express a whole range of feelings. Growing up, we always feel the excitement, imagining his first «adult» kiss. Not to be in an awkward situation, people want to know how to learn to kiss.

How to learn to kiss

What is the art of the kiss or how to kiss

That first kiss will be remembered not only we, but also our choice, try to follow simple tips:

  1. Drop the shame. If you have never adult haven’t kissed, it’s not a reason to withdraw into themselves on a first date. Trembling at the knees, and dizziness occur in us because of love, not from the inability to kiss. We all have it somehow happens for the first time.
  2. If possible, try to create a romantic atmosphere. For this fit, soft music and candles.
  3. Take care of his breath. After all, you will agree that bad breath can scare your partner. If you can not brush currently teeth, use of conventional chewing gum.
  4. Kissing does not have to log into a stupor and freeze in one position. Hand to touch the hair or neck of the partner, stroke his back or shoulders.
  5. Tell your partner something tender.
  6. Relax. After all, intense lips can make your partner to think that by his actions, he gives you discomfort.
  7. Do not be limited to one kiss. For a change your feelings you can try different kinds of kisses. And soon you will be able to decide which one you like best.
  8. Take care of your lips. Before going out, massage your lips a gentle scrub and use a nourishing balm that will give them tenderness. Prefer weightless, tint a lip balm and refrain from persistent and sticky lipsticks.
  9. To test your skills, use the palm of your hand. There are a lot of nerve endings that will give you an idea of how well you have learned a particular technique of the kiss.
  10. To increase your feelings during the kiss, just try to close my eyes. It is also a sign of confidence in his handpicked successor.
  11. Remember that a kiss should be fun not only for you but for your partner. Therefore, during the process, watch his reaction.


Kinds of kisses

It turns out that there are a large number of varieties of the kiss. Over time, you will be able to learn all of them and realize which one is most suitable to your pair.

A thousand and one kiss

This species is a manifestation of a gentle and romantic feelings. To do this, without opening the mouth, and not impacting my lips, gently, millimeter by millimeter, to kiss the lips of his partner, dimples above and below the lips.

French kiss

This type of kiss can be called the most common and loved by many. Its peculiarity is that all that is involved is not only the lips kiss, but the language of lovers. To master the techniques of French kissing, touching and slightly opening the lips, try to explore every corner of the mouth partner. You can’t write the language or to strain it. Touch the tongue to the teeth of the beloved. Allowed slightly to nibble or suck a movement of the lips.

learning to kiss

«Sparkling» kiss

Add a kiss like that can all who are interested to play. To diversify it will help champagne or sweets, have a creamy texture. SIP sipping champagne, leave it smack on the lips, which inspired kiss partner. It is possible that it will remain your signature with a kiss and diversify relations.

Kiss like Eskimos

Among the features of the eskimo kisses you can call rubbing noses partners. Eye better close.

Kiss on the neck

It is called the most passionate and sensual, the neck is a huge number of sensitive points and erogenous zones. A nice addition would be the kiss of dimples located between the clavicles. Make a couple of sucking movements, imagining that you drink some cocktail from the straw.

how to kiss

«The fish» kiss

To imagine such a kiss, remember, the fish in the aquarium. To kiss, to move my tight lips alternating gentle touches with more passionate.

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