How to learn to draw

If you’re interested in learning a new, exciting experience, please pay attention to the drawing with a pencil. Even if you’ve never attended drawing lessons and don’t know how to learn to draw, then be patient and learn the basic techniques of drawing.

How to learn to draw

Tool selection

Drawing need different pastes, which differ in hardness. Artists usually choose paste TM and NV. In addition, it will need 2V (G), N (T) and V (M). In such notation marking shows softness, and the figure next to her – her degree. Most often, the artist are solid – 2N (2T).This pencil draws a very thin, even a faint line. Clicking a well-sharpened pencil marking on this sheet of paper will be scratched.

HB – pencil medium hard-soft. The view of the lines depends on the marking (M). The bigger it is, the richer and wider the line would be on the sheet.


Beginners enough 3 slates. They can be in a wooden frame or in the form of leads designed for machine tool. To make easy and quick sketches, fit a stylus in the form of sticks about the size of a pencil, which is covered with special non-staining the fingers of the artist layer.

What else do you need for drawing

When drawing still need a quality eraser. To avoid damaging the paper layers, it is necessary to choose the most soft.

It is worth remembering that drawing the pencil should be well sharpened. For a beginner you can use a normal sharpener. But real professionals do this entirely with a sharp knife. Thanks to this method of sharpening the pencil right pointed shape. To get the good shading, made all the rules, it is advisable to sharpen your tool of work by a special method — empty. This means that the stylus must be freed from the tree, 1-2 cm, gradually making the cut, moving in the direction of the cylinder of the pencil.

sharpened pencil

Technology implementation


The easiest way of drawing is linear. Outline drawing is always done easier than tonal. So the newcomer may seem that his or her portrait exactly follows the original. However, during the hatch, he notices that it is not so. So to start, do some work in a linear way, only occasionally making light shadows. Thus, you get the impression of a sketch.



Over time you will have confidence and then we can start a black and white study of the form. Budding artists recommend to use a feather, that is, by rubbing graphite on a sheet of paper. So there will be no separate lines, and the transition will as smooth as possible.


With shading things more complicated. Each of its elements should be as close to the next. Otherwise you will not be able to achieve the integrity of the drawn object. Instead, you get a banding effect.


So to start is to master the region. Beginners are allowed to RUB the mark with the tip of a finger or soft paper. But this is valid only for beginners. So if you are determined, learn to draw, you need to train in the technique of hatching.

How is the hatch

To become a professional you have to practice a lot. To start, tamp hand on a plain piece of paper. Try pencils of different softness. Tonal transitions take the same stylus. The most important thing – it’s a tight fit one bar to another, without the use of a line crossing at right angles. The best option is the imposition of strokes in the form of the object. For example, drawing a cube, the shading needs to overlap or vertically, or parallel to the faces of the cube. Do not forget that masters are those who works out a lot.



If you have something not satisfied, all can be corrected with an eraser. But in order to remove the excess pattern, should be put on the sheet is a small fragment from a thin edge. Actively erasing the hatch can not only injure the letter, but also to remove the excess. But to re-impose a bar on the damaged surface you will not succeed. If you need to remove a lot of the hatch or make it slightly lighter, you come to the aid of mass to erase. It looks similar to plasticine, and professionals call it spot. With its help, you can easily remove the extra layers of graphite. The same can be done using regular breadcrumbs.

Where to start for the beginner

The main rule of the artist – the work is done in stages. At the initial stage are simple elements, gradually moving to the details. Regardless of what you decide to draw, the sequence is always the same. To begin, select a simple song or individual items.

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